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7 Benefits of Using Wool Rugs That Most People are Unaware Of

Benefits of Using Wool Rugs
Rug is a piece of home decor that can add an elegant effect to your house. If you are planning to buy one, how about buying a wool rug? Read on to know about the wool rug benefits and get one for your room.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018
A wide variety of rugs and carpets are available to decorate your home. They are found in different shapes, sizes and awesome colorful patterns. Among them, synthetic rugs and wool rugs are the most common types. The traditional area rugs are popular handmade rugs. The other type is the tufted (made using a machine) rug.
However, traditional rugs are much preferred because they are more durable than the tufted ones as well as the synthetic ones. These rugs offer a luxurious look to the room, making it colorful. It can also define a focal point or create a specific area of interest.
They not only decorate the room, but also protect the flooring as well. If you have hardwood flooring in the living room which is the area with constant traffic of visitors, you can put a traditional area rug and save your flooring from scratches.
Significant Features of a Wool Rug
Resilient and Resistant
Washing rug
  • It does not absorb dust and dirt, the outer layer does not allow the dust particles to enter the inner layer, which helps to keep the rug clean. It just needs regular dusting and a proper wash once in a year if you want to clean the rug.
  • It is also fire resistant and hence, safe to use in kids' room. It does not burn like other synthetic rugs.
  • It can absorb water vapor in air releasing humidity in the room. It absorbs maximum moisture from the surrounding and still feels dry to touch.
  • It can also resist static electricity.
Environmentally Friendly
Natural wool
Wool is a renewable and biodegradable natural resource. It is naturally extracted from animals. Wool has been the standard measurement for other fibers. Although its natural look and feel is being duplicated in other fibers by the manufacturers, the naturalness of wool cannot be replicated.
Strong and Durable
Style rug
It is natural that if wool has the aforementioned qualities, it will definitely last very long. Once you buy it, you won't feel the need to replace it for at least 20 to 25 years. The weaves in both the handmade as well as the tufted ones have consistent and strong knots, which do not wear out easily.
Classic Designs
Colorful designs
The traditional area rugs have most intricate design patterns with maximum color combination. The popular hand-woven designs include antique pieces from India, China, Persia and Iran. Traditional area rugs, nowadays, are found in abundance ranging from ancient to modern designs.
Quality and Comfort Level
Comfort and relaxation
Wool won't lose its crimp and stay in its shape for years together. As it is natural, it will sustain its original feel and will look new always. It is highly comfortable as it has an originally soft feel in its fibers.
It can keep you warm as well as cool. It has the capacity to adjust according to the climate. Sheep protect themselves from severe climatic conditions with the help of wool on their body and when man uses it, the qualities of wool remain intact.
There are two types of wool cells in natural wool; orthcortex and paracortex. Both these cells lie on opposite sides of the fiber and grow at a different level. It causes a coil spring which makes the wool elastic. Wool fiber can stretch to more than 30% and still return to the normal shape. The shock absorber makes the fiber return to its original form.
Worth Buying
Worth buying
Wool because of its excellent features, costs a little higher than the synthetic rugs. But it is worth investing in a wool rug considering the benefits that it offers you. Though synthetic rugs cost lower, it does not have any one of the mentioned advantages that a wool rug has.
The benefits mentioned here make wool rugs a better option to synthetic rugs. Therefore, be wise in your decision to choose the right rug and prefer to use only a wool rug for your room to make it bright and lively, rather than using a drab one.