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Bendable Curtain Rods

Bendable Curtain Rods

When straight curtain rods are of no use for certain window styles, you might start looking for some other option. Well, bendable rods are the best solution in this case. Wondering what are bendable curtain rods? Well, just move on to the next section and get to know all about the same.
DecorDezine Staff
Curtain rods form the basic hardware for installation of curtains. While adding curtains to regular windows you just need to buy straight rods which are easily available in the hardware stores. But not all windows are square or rectangular. In case you are looking to dress up a window which is curved, like the arch window, a straight rod is of no use for the same. Well, in such a case you just need to opt for a bendable curtain rod. Wondering what is it? Here's more about the same.

A Brief Introduction

When you need a solution for adding curtains to curved windows or any sections of your home, bendable drapery rods remain the ultimate pick. Bendable rods are flexible and help add curtains to spaces where straight rods are of no use. The flexibility of these rods and track helps you adjust the piece according to the shape of window frame.

With the rods that are available in various materials and thickness, you can also get the installation manual. This will help you install the hardware yourself, hence saving the money that you would have to pay to the hired professional. These come in various varieties and weight bearing capacities. So you need to choose a piece depending upon the type of drapery you would be hanging from this. Apart from the simple curtains, you can also use these for adding decorative fabric accents to the curtains. Like the bendable rods for bow windows can also be used to add window scarves or valances. You will need to install same type of double curtain rods in this case.

Apart from the use in the arched windows, there are many other areas where these are commonly used. As mentioned earlier, these are used for arched windows, bow windows, bay windows and even for the corner windows. The rods for bay windows are used if the same has a semi-circular shape. Beds which are covered with sheer curtains most often require bendable or curved rods. Round bed canopies are popular and look awesome when dressed with lace curtains. For such canopies, using a flexible rod is the best idea. Bendable rods are also used for shower curtains as well. If you have a bathtub, placed in the center of the bathroom, that needs to be enclosed using a curtain, the rod is the ultimate option. This will ensure that the chosen curtain nicely cover's the tub from all sides.

Bendable type of rods can be bought from stores selling curtain hardware. You can also buy these from online stores in case you do not find them at local hardware stores. Make sure that you take the right measurements before ordering the rod. Also, consider the curtains that you will be hanging from these rods. Regular rods are good for sheers and lightweight cottons curtains. For thick curtains and weighted draperies, opt for rods that can bear heavy load. Look for colored rods and decorative hardware hooks for installing these rods.

Calling a professional is a good idea in case you need to fix these rods on ceiling, like in case of bed canopy. Get the right hardware and tools to install the rods, if you are working on the project yourself. The price of these rod usually varies according to its quality. The total cost will depend upon the total length of the rod purchased. So next time you are confused about dressing up a curved window or a curved shower space, bendable rods are definitely the thing to opt for.