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Bedroom Paint Colors 2019

Bedroom Paint Colors 2019
The colors that are predicted to rule the field of bedroom painting in 2019 are a blend of modern, contemporary, elegant and cheery colors. There's so much of variety with so much to do that you'll be spoiled for choice.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
Color and Theme Trends for Your Bedroom in 2019
One of the most important purposes of a bedroom is to make you feel completely at home. The warmth and peaceful atmosphere within the bedroom should be reflected in the colors that you use to decorate it. Using varying hues and combinations of colors to give your bedroom a welcoming look and feel, is what is described ahead.
Master Bedroom Painting
Forest Green
Decoration of modern room interior
This rich and classic shade is trending this year. You can use it for your accent wall in a bedroom or for the entire bedroom. It represents your connection with nature and brings the healing power from outer world into your house through this deep shade.
Shades of White
White Luxury Bedroom Interior
The white color shows up purity and perfection, so will your room! Various shades of white like off-white, ivory, beige, cream, snow or seashell are favorite to decorate a bedroom. They give your room a classic and sophisticated look.
Use these neutral tones if you want to give more volume to your bedroom. Use lighter tones like pink or pastel shades to create soft and fresh sleeping area.
Blue Blast
Blue Bedroom
Blue is back with a bang! Blue is one color that can really make your bedroom look like a million bucks, if used appropriately. A slightly darker (not brighter) shade of blue can add panache and turn it into the bedroom of your dreams.
Whites and ivories are the best ones to complement this vibrant hue. Misty blue creates softness as well as brightness to your bedroom space. This blue when combine with green gives a dramatic effect. You can go for dark wooden furniture to enhance the look of a bedroom.
Theme Colors
Oriental Bedroom With Canopy Bed
This is something very new and innovative. You can decorate your bedroom with any theme you wish to. It can be a romantic theme for a newly married couple, or a black & white theme with a wooden touch for an old couple and many more.
Use traditional rug, wall art, and some stylish decorative items to accentuate the area. Use all the concepts that you've always wanted to and recreate a glamorous bedroom that talks about you and your personality!
Wall Paintings and Wallpapers
Modern Bedroom
Wall painting is something which is very trending. You just have to choose a wall that is to be painted and it will represent your entire room. It can be a scenery, cartoons, musical theme, or any other idea.
Modern Bedroom Interior
Alternatives for wall painting are - wall stickers and wall papers. It takes no time to decorate your room the way you want to.
Kid's Bedroom Painting
Cheerful Colors
Modern Interior Of Childs Bedroom
While designing and decorating your kids' bedroom is most exciting when selecting colors. You need to consider taste and personality of your kids while doing it. Use colors such as blue, green or yellow with white, beige and cream.
Outer Space Child Bedroom Idea
You can also add peel and stick wall decor to enhance the look. Whatever you may choose, remember that it must go with the rest of the decor of your home.
Back to Nature
White Child Bedroom
Decorating a kid's room is quite tough. You can paint your kid's room with a nature theme that will make them feel connected to it. Or use a scenery theme, and a bonus to it will be an attractive tree bookcase.
Combine a slightly bright green with a white or cream hue to get a sense of balance in the wall colors. Keeping a couple of potted indoor plants within the room can increase its aesthetic value.
Sober yet Stylish Look
Modern Room
This is for the kids who are in their early teenage years and don't like their room too fancy. Keep the room's decor sober yet stylish by choosing the color wisely. Choose muted shades of gray for the walls with a white bed and a side table. Set another corner with a study table and a wardrobe.
Toddler's Room
What's more exciting than decorating a room for a baby on the way! You can decorate the room in a cute way by putting toys in the room, and a beautiful baby bed which is attractive. Dark and too bright colors are not made for a toddler's room.
Toddler Room
Use of light shades should be done depending on the natural light coming into the room. Periwinkle, powder blue or baby pink can be chosen for the bedroom colors.
The paint colors, themes and trends mentioned here are the ones that are in vogue for 2019. You can be as creative and imaginative with them as you want. It is your bedroom, after all. Just pay a little attention to detail and the color schemes. Nothing more is required to make it look as cozy and comfortable as you want it to.