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Bedroom Designs for Tweens

Parul Solanki Dec 5, 2018
Choosing the perfect bedroom designs need not be a difficult task. All you need to do is understand your kid's changing tastes and shape your design ideas accordingly. Here are some bedroom designs to help you plan the perfect room for your tween.
If your child likes disney characters, filled his/her bedroom with disney wall murals, bedspreads, Mickey Mouse décor and unlimited stuffed toys. Splash Edward and Bella pictures all over the walls, beds, and even the comforter.
While planning out the bedroom designs for tweens, it is essential that you understand that your kid now wants something that reflects his or her own personality, interests, and style. Here are some tweens bedroom design ideas to help you on your way to a perfect room makeover for your kid.

Rules for Tweens Bedroom Designs

Avoid Theme Rooms

The first rule for tween room décor is to do away with the baby themes. While the Dora and the Barbie theme would have enthralled your kid when she was four, a makeover of your tween's room should transform it into a hipper, more adolescent-friendly haven.

Use Bold Colors

Do not shy away from using bold colors in your tween's room. Just because your kid is grown up, his or her space does not have to look all drab and boring.
In fact, bright colors add a freshness and warmth to the room. It is perfectly fine to opt for the sassy pinks and the bright blues while decorating your kid's room.

Creating a Hangout Space

Well, now that your child has transformed into an independent tween with a surprising number of friends, it would be great if you could provide him/her with a chill out zone.
This space can contain a hanging chair or some bean bags for your tween to just sit, read, or chat with his/her friends. A window seat with storage space can also work great for all those tween daydreamers.

Bedroom Designs for Tween Girls

Designs with Geometric Shapes

Colorful stripes, polka dots, and various other geometric shapes look great for any tween bedroom. Moreover, this trendy and fresh retro theme works better than a movie themed décor, which might look quite boring once the craze has worn off.
For bedroom wall designs, you can have a pink base with punchy orange polka dots or a mix of large red and white dots floating all over the space. You can either have them painted or just get wall décor transfer stickers.
In addition to this, there are a range of bright and colorful bedding sets and rugs with all types of geometric designs. Add a funky touch by getting some cool lamp clocks or polka dots wall clocks.

Retro Designs

A retro flower power tween room can spice up any dull and drab space. Murals done up in the 70s style with splashy, large orange flowers on a brown background, wild abstract geometric shapes, and neon paisleys work great for a tween girl's room.
Choose a bedding in hot pinks and purples, chartreuse, orange, and yellow. For adding more pizzazz to the room add, flower-shaped carpets and wall stickers to create the perfect retro look.

Bedroom Designs for Tween Boys

Sports Design

This is a favorite choice for boys of all ages. Be it soccer, basketball, or anything else, this design works great for tween boys. For the walls, choose the color palette based on the colors of your tween's favorite team. A sports league themed bedding set can complete the theme.

Rock and Roll

If your little one has developed a love for music and has just started collecting CDs and even picked up a guitar, then you can decorate his room keeping his music obsession in mind. For the walls, consider a neutral shade that you can cover up with framed posters of his favorite bands or artwork.
A black wall is a great way of giving the bedroom a hardcore rock feel. Decorate the walls with autographed pictures and old album covers or even real instruments bought from a second-hand market store.
Black, red, purple, or black-and-white checkered prints work great for the bedding. Of course, do not forget to make room for a large entertainment system to play his favorite albums which would be a great idea.
Keeping these design elements in mind, make sure you have plenty of storage space, closets, and a study space for your tween. In fact, while choosing bedroom design, let your nine-year-old have a say in it. This will make you happy with the results and allow your tween to put a little bit of "himself/herself" in the room.