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Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Sujata Iyer Nov 22, 2018
Having the right curtains in your bedroom can make a huge difference in the way not only you, but anyone who sees the room perceives it. Let's see some ideas on how you can adorn your bedroom windows with different styles of curtains.
Decorating a bedroom can be quite a task, and you'll agree, as you must have done it at least once. You decide the theme that you will be using for your bedroom. Then you mix various color tones, to check if they match the theme that you have selected.
Once you have the furniture decided, it's time to think about the curtains. You need to decide what type of curtains you want, which colors to use and what kind of fabric you need for them, according to the theme. To make your job a little easier, we'll give you some ideas for bedroom curtains.
Bedroom curtains can be categorized into two types. The master bedroom curtains and the kids' bedroom curtains. They can further be divided into window curtains and door curtains. Here, we will focus only on window curtains for kids' bedrooms first and then adults'!

Curtain Ideas for Kids Bedroom

Decorating a kid's room is all about color and expression. And kids can be quite fussy when it comes to their rooms, as you may already know. Nonetheless, we have tried to incorporate some of the most popular ideas in this section.

Boy's Bedroom

Superhero: This is one of the most popular themes for a boy's bedroom. Ask him who his favorite superhero is, and get curtains of that superhero. If you can't find printed curtains, then get plain white ones and have an artist draw and paint the superhero on them.
Video Game: Video games are one of the favorite pastimes for boys these days. Boys identify with many of the characters in these games. Get your boy the curtains of his favorite video game character. Just make sure it's not too gory!
Outer Space: You can never go wrong with these curtains. Have the whole bedroom designed in a midnight theme and have deep blue curtains with stars, planets, supernovas, spacecraft, aliens, etc., on them!

Girl's Bedroom

Fairytale: The most favorite idea for girls bedroom curtains ever! Every little girl is told fairy tales at bed time. She fantasizes about all the wonderful things that are told through these fairy tales. Have some pretty fairy tale curtains with her favorite characters on them and keep her imagination vivid!
White and Pink Lace: If you want to give your daughter's room a more traditional look, then pink and white is the way to go for you. There's something about lace curtains that is utterly and delightfully feminine. And if it's this delicate femininity that you want to instill in your child, then give her window pretty lace curtains in pink and white.
Butterflies: Butterflies! What a wonderful creation of God! Decorate your child's bedroom window with some colorful butterfly curtains. Translucent curtains will look best, with the sun's rays getting filtered through them, setting all the butterflies alight!

Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Now, let us see some ideas that you can use for your own bedroom. The master bedroom is your haven. Your refuge from the maddening stress of everyday life. It's only natural to want this room to be calm, peaceful and welcoming.
A room where every piece of furniture and decoration identifies with you and your personality. So, here are some curtain ideas for the windows of your bedroom!


If you're thinking of having a traditional style bedroom, then what you need is embroidered drapery fabric. Couple these with carved wooden valances. They look beautiful when tucked in on one side each of the window. Choose shades that match the overall theme of your bedroom to give it a surreal look!


For a more modern and contemporary style, then here's an idea for you. Get sheer curtains in a light shade like white or cream. Keep these drawn always, and cover them with heavily pleated curtains. Eyelet curtains are the best option for the heavy ones. You can keep the heavy curtains tied to the sides with a pretty golden string with bells at its ends!


You can also go in for beaded curtains if you're looking for something unique and gorgeous. And don't just limit them to beads. Have other adornments like mirrors, bells, shiny balls, ribbons, etc. strung together on nylon or other strong thread to have gorgeous curtains that sway gently in the evening breeze!
With these ideas, you surely will have a totally renewed and striking bedroom. So, go ahead and enjoy the makeover!