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Bedroom Colors for Girls

Bedroom Colors for Girls
A bedroom is one place you can't wait to retire to after a long, tedious day at the office. This holds true for young girls too, after a taxing day at school. A bedroom shouldn't be put together halfheartedly for it is where you get your precious sleep. Let's take a look at which colors are favorites among girls.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Apr 6, 2019
I need my beauty sleep!
According to the Daily Mail, the color blue tops the list as the most sleep-inducing color, whereas purple comes in as the least likely color to knock you out. Research claims that certain colors can give us a good night's sleep while others can ruin it; however, does that stop one from using their favorite color on the bedroom walls?
Certainly not! Most of us have heard that the color purple is said to creatively stimulate the mind while blue relaxes the senses and promotes sleep. But how many of us have heard that blue is in fact a creativity-fueled color in itself?
Some say that looking at something blue can give your brain a slight nudge in the creative direction when you find yourself in a rut. In the end, how does one not sleep well when engulfed by a color they love? Sleep should be peaceful in that case, shouldn't it?
Leaving all arguments and so-called research aside, we take a look at some of the best bedroom layouts that you can draw inspiration from. Whether it's the color combination or the way the décor is lovingly placed in its designated location, these ideas should help you design an awesome bedroom for your little girl.
Bedroom Color Ideas for Girls
From sophisticated and modern to whimsical and fun, these ideas cover a wide range of themes that you can experiment with. Here's a peek at how different interior elements meet - in a flurry of predetermined ideas - to produce an outcome of what a girl's bedroom should look like.
beach theme bedroom
A tropical theme bedroom harbors elements of serenity and calm. The rich blue paint palette complements the snowy white décor as nature meets modernity in a tranquil, ultra-cozy bedroom that any beach-loving girl will fall in love with.
damask and stripes bedroom
While the pink décor is understated, it comes to life when you take into account just how impactful the little elements are. Stripes, old-fashioned furniture, and bare wooden floors add a subtle yet strong aesthetic appeal.
cabin theme bedroom
A cozy cabin-like interior can create an inviting atmosphere, and provide a space that a little girl will come to love. An antique fan with light fixtures, including the creative use of gingham prints, highlights this lovely rustic space.
vibrant oriental theme bedroom
Experimenting with culture-centric themes is a heavy trend with interior decorators. The kitschy detailing adds a vibrant touch to an otherwise ordinarily furnished bedroom. A girl who loves color will adore this ensemble.
bright green bedroom
Minimalism is a favorite for those who prefer simple interiors that still make a bold statement. Use a vibrant shade of color to complement wooden elements with spacious bookshelves lined with reading material and girl-y knickknacks.
mint green and eggshell bedroom
Eggshell and mint green create a beautiful contrast in this simple-looking yet elegant bedroom. The deep, bold stripes of the bedspread add just the right amount of color and an artsy headboard is a great addition that spruces things up.
pink velvet theme bedroom
Velvet speaks of royalty, but this bedroom is anything but over-the-top. Choose paint with a velvety finish to give your girl a reason to run her hands over it in awe and glee. Abstract additions and fabric in sorbet pink is just what this room needs.
red and white bedroom
Here we see a little bit of old-country and a little bit of urban chic as two themes come together in an explosion of décor perfection. It doesn't underwhelm either theme's individual strengths but incorporates the best of both worlds in one bedroom.
blue and brown bedroom
Nautical stripes take the cake with this ultra-suave theme where gold and blue - and just the right amount of patterns - merge into one colossal beauty. This room may scream elegance, but it still holds the charm of being a girl's bedroom.
Bed Room
Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, this room manages to stand the test of any season. The faded floral wallpaper and light fixture give it a 1960's charm where the compact shelves remind us that we're still very much in the modern era. Lovely in all the right ways.
yellow and green lakeview bedroom
Lemony yellow and muted green are a color duo that symbolize fresh air, warmth, and comfort. The stark-white surroundings lose their clinical demeanor, and instead transform into a space that one can happily retire to. All that natural light just makes it so much better.
twin bed old fashioned bedroom
The patchwork sheets and pillows transform this little space into a one-of-a-kind room, complete with lamps in a similar print. The carpeting and retro gingham trunks are subtle yet eye-pleasing additions in muted shades that offset the white backdrop.
modern color block bedroom
Sorbet hues take the forefront against a mild-blue wall, creating an amalgamation of color that is sure to set one's creative juices oozing. The floor bed adds a laid-back appeal to this bedroom, complete with adorable retro additions on low-lying shelves.
wood theme bedroom
While this room looks more like an office space than a bedroom, it still holds a feminine aura if you take in the little elements. Pair creamy hues with wooden additions to bring out the best in each thing's construction and design.
shades of pink bedroom
Yes, this is an extremely feminine room with pink this and pink that. But more importantly, it's how the hues coalesce to create harmony, and not chaos. Pale pink meets fuchsia in ways that can only be appreciated when paired like so.
purple princess theme bedroom
This room has been effectively designed using silvery elements, and a palette of lavender. The trick is not to use a single color, but also a shade of its kind, to tone down its impact. Purple tones, lush carpeting, satin curtains, and see-through drapery say princess heaven.
blue and white bedroom
Childlike yet still the sort of room you can see her growing up in, this theme is playful yet strongly influenced by adult aesthetics - like the cupboard, paneled walls, and wood flooring. It's a dreamy bedroom, with its bare, yet classy interiors that any girl would adore.
vintage theme bedroom
Clean lines and polished furniture make this vintage-inspired room every old-fashioned girl's dream space. The blue patterned wallpaper and stark-white furniture are simplistic that look pretty when not overdone. Interior additions inspired by the era add a twist to this ensemble.
tangerine and blue bedroom
Tangerine and blue come alive in this chic bedroom, making it a combination worth trying. White, though used minimally, creates a balance between the two leading colors. Add fun cushions, a complementary carpet and an overhead mobile to round off the details.
mint and bold green bedroom
Mint and bold green shrouded in white accents never looked better together as it does in this comfortable and inviting bedroom. The idea is to rein in a color combination that is at one with nature. The adjoining balcony provides a breathtaking view that enhances the room's décor.
powder blue bedroom
White is a recurring color in every theme because of its ability to balance the intensity of other colors. Here we see how white once again plays a small but vital role in creating an attractive balance between powder blue, teal, and lime. Using spotted stick-ons create an upbeat vibe.
How to Choose a Bedroom Color for a Girl
Choosing the right color can seem like a task, but it's rather simple once you know how to. The downside of picking a color or theme that is a little too girlish is that your child may grow up and start to find what you put together for her when she was little quite childish.
Therefore, choose colors and décor pieces that imbue childlike innocence but have a slightly mature air about them so that your child can grow up in the same bedroom with minimal changes to worry about during adolescence.
Grownup Palette
Most of us want little girls to feel like princesses when they cozy up with a good picture book, surrounded by ponies and smiling dolls. But the fact is this sort of a theme idea can grow stale with age when a girl squirms to break free from a fantasy-spun world and emerge as a grown woman once she's old enough to understand how the world works.
Don't burst her bubble early on though! Go ahead with pink and its neighboring hues, but go easy on the details - use lace instead of tulle, and patterned elements instead of solid blocks of color - damask, for example, is a dainty yet strong pattern for a girl's room.
Beautiful Bedroom
White, eggshell, and mint green are the perfect colors to pair with any shade of pink. For those who want fuchsia or fluorescent pink highlights, use them in elements that don't overwhelm the décor, like bedspreads, quilts, pillows, cushions, or a center rug.
Timeless Décor
Whether it's the wardrobe, dressing table, or bed, choose a design that is likely to last for a long time to come. Wood is a great choice, especially oak and cherry wood.
vintage bedroom
Creative alternatives are bamboo furniture, antique pieces, or handmade furniture. Vintage-themed bedrooms, for example, can be feminine yet ladylike because of its ageless appeal.
The same goes with cabin-style interiors or a nautical one. Use a color palette that can carry itself effortlessly from one year to the next without become passé too soon. Our favorite colors that have stood the test of time, are tangerine, olive, crimson, raspberry, eggshell, lilac, sunflower yellow, powder blue, and sea green.
Masculine Accents
Scandinavian Bedroom Design
Using dark wood, a blue color palette, or strong earthy hues (browns and greens) can work wonders for a bedroom if incorporated correctly.
Think of her colorful toys strewn on the floors and piling toy chests and you'll see in your mind's eye how the bedroom remains mum against all that color without overwhelming the senses.
Bedroom Interior
If you want to use floral patterns or stripes, don't hold yourself back. Subtle details of the sort are welcome as long as the base color (paint palette and furniture) is strong.
These colors and decorating ideas for a girl's bedroom will give you valuable insight into mixing and matching elements to create a beautiful result. You can also refer to magazines and the like for helpful ideas on how you can turn a girl's bedroom into an appealing space.