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Bedroom Color Trends for 2019

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 9, 2019
Are you looking forward to remodel your bedroom with the most beautiful color? Then take a look at the bedroom color trends explained in this post. The color guide shall help you to choose the right color for your bedroom.
Your bedroom should be such, that the moment you step in, you are refreshed instantly. This happens only when it is painted with candid colors, blending perfectly with its interior decor. Various types of color trends emerging in the year 2019, will take the conventional styles to a whole new level.
Although each color has its own character, color blending is undoubtedly a unique way of painting interiors. When you have a beautiful bedroom to live in, you can easily enjoy the comfort and luxury that it endows. Colors are broadly categorized into two groups, viz, light and dark shades.
A word of advice for those who are selecting the dark shades for bedroom, your room must be illuminated with adequate light as dark shades tend to make the space seem smaller and shadowy.
You may choose to paint just one wall of your room in a dark shade and the rest in a lighter one (same or contrast colors) to add vibrancy and jazz to your bedroom.
You may also choose to paint three walls and have a customized wallpaper on one of them, that will complement the paint. You can have various design patterns on the wall that are painted differently using spray paintings, textured paintings etc.

The Concept of Light Shades

Light colors are capable of giving a spacious look to your room. Opt for these shades specifically if you are staying in a studio apartment or if your bedroom is considerably small.
You can hypothetically analyze how your bedroom will look with the color you have chosen for it before actually applying it on the walls. Pink, mauve, pale green, sea green, and off white are the best suited colors for compact bedrooms.
■ Yellow color appears utterly fresh when the rays of the sun fall on its walls. Jazz up your room with golden curtains or decorate with upholstery with a touch of bright yellow.
■ Rosy brown shades, a combination of the lightest shade of pink and brown, symbolizes happiness and joy. It's an excellent wall color for houses with diffused interior lighting.
■ The color of the sky has always been associated with transparency and beauty, and these attributes will reflect on your bedroom when you paint with this color. Coat your room with a premium quality waterproof blue paint for a brilliant bedroom decor.
■ Lavender is a very lively shade and that feel-good factor will be permanently there in your bedroom after being painted. Peace, serenity, tranquility, and simplicity are associated with this color. To create a serene vibe all round, then this color is the perfect choice.
It makes your bedroom look brighter and sophisticated. You will find this hue mostly in houses having large master bedrooms. It also suits compact bedrooms and studio apartments.
■ Pink adds sensuousness to bedrooms. In essence, a combination of pink and purple is also a good idea. These colors are ardently feminine and you may choose this color for your kid's bedroom as well.

The Concept of Dark Shade

Dark shades blend well when your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate a queen size bed as well as a few pieces of furniture.
Mediterranean, Victorian and colonial fashioned houses usually have enormous bedrooms painted in versatile shades of brown. Green, orange, aqua blue, sunshine yellow, etc are contemporary colors which make the walls look resonant, and the ambiance fresh.
■ Green is a fresh color and suits houses designed with tropical themes. Ensure that the lights, accessories and furniture blend well with this shade.
■ Dark blue is an uncommon and exotic shade. This color is usually opted for bedrooms with contemporary decor. Enamor your room with touches of sparkling white as it will match brilliantly with dark blue.
■ You can combine and contrast light blue with aqua to create a wonderful ambiance inside your bedroom.

■ A splash of purple on the walls of your bedroom will look brilliant. This is one of the best colors for bedrooms. People are very fond of purple owing to its brightness and refreshing appeal.
■ Orange is a very popular color for contemporary settings. The color is posh, attractive and enticing. You can blend dark orange with a dash of sunshine yellow for a dramatic effect.
So if you are fond of the brighter shades, don't forget to use these colors with them. The problem with colors like red is, it is very difficult to choose the perfect shade. So an advice would be to get in touch with an interior decorator before you get your bedroom painted and decide the right shade.
You have to be sure that the shade which you choose should compliment colors of other rooms and increase the overall aesthetic value of your place. Make sure that the shades chosen are elegant. Overdoing the paintings on the walls could affect the ambiance and make it look shabby instead of attractive.

Some Important Tips

■ Always remember to color smaller bedrooms in lighter shades and bigger rooms in darker tones.

■ When painted in lighter shades, even the smaller rooms look more spacious and self containing.
■ When smaller rooms are colored in dark shades, they look congested. Darker shades are certainly not a great idea for smaller rooms and they only suit the bigger rooms.

■ Ensure that there is enough lighting for a spacious room which is colored in darker shades.
■ Also, the living room should be painted in a  darker shade than the bedroom to bring an elegant look to your place.

■ Try to analyze the effects that various intensities of lights have on the appearance of paints used.
■ While choosing shades of any color, go for a shade that is one tone lighter than the one you like, as the paint looks darker when it dries up.
These were some ideas of coloring and themes, that will be trending. However, you can be as creative as you wish and come up with something which will reflect your true self. You may call it your own trend and show it off. You just have to be yourself and the colors or themes that come with it can be trend-setters for people who visit your place.