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Bed Sizes Chart

The Bed Sizes Chart You Need to See Before Making a Purchase

Nowadays, beds of varying sizes and shapes are available in the market; hence, selecting and buying a bed that fits snugly into your bedroom, could be an intimidating task. Charts, accompanied with important guideposts to select the perfect bed size drafted herein, await your attention.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Bed sizes may differ in length, width and depth, including the mattress itself. The structure of a bed is quite uniform these days, comprising a mattress laid on top of a box spring, having a bed frame below it to support its structure. The box spring, being the support system of the bed, is made of wood and springs and has similar dimensions as that of the mattress. The bed size mainly refers to the dimensions of a mattress that can be a little wider and/or longer, varying significantly the world over, with a majority of countries possessing their own standards and terminology.
However, whether it's a king bed, twin bed, double bed, or queen bed, manufacturers interpret the standard bed sizes and dimensions differently worldwide. Some manufacturers may reduce a bed's size by a couple of inches to cut its cost, where others add a little more for comfort.
Charting the Sizes
Though the sizes explained in the following chart may vary in different countries and even in different parts of the same nation, it is an effort to provide standard information about various bed sizes.
Note.- The former table follows standards of the bed and mattress sizes in the US; the latter specifies the sizes in accordance with UK standards.
Name Width Length Space Per Person Reviews
Standard Bunk 39" 75" 39" x 75" Small, for one adult or child; good selection for school-going children; upper and lower.
Narrow Bunk 36" 75" 36" x 75" Small, for one child; good for preteens; upper and lower.
Twin/Single 39" 75" 39" x 75" Small, for one adult; good for guest accommodations.
Twin Extra Long 39" 80" 39" x 80" Bed linens can be difficult to locate and purchase.
Full/Double 54" 75" 27" x 75" Wide enough for a large adult or two small adults.
Queen 60" 80" 30" x 80" Best selection for two adults but possibly too small for some.
California Queen 60" 84" 30" x 84" 4 inches longer than standard Queen.
Expanded Queen 66" 80" 33" x 80" 6 inches wider than standard Queen.
Super Queen 66" 80" 33" x 80" 6 inches wider than standard Queen, also thicker.
King 76" 80" 38" x 80" Standard King.
California King 72" 84" 36" x 84" Not as wide, but longer than a standard King.
Grand King 80" 98" 40" x 98" For large and tall people.

Name Width Length Space Per Person Reviews
Single 36" 75" 36" x 75" Small, for one adult; good for guest accommodations.
Bunk 36" 75" 36" x 75" Small, for one adult or child; upper and lower.
Double 54" 75" 27" x 75" Wide enough for a large adult or two small adults.
King 60" 78" 30" x 78" Wide enough for two adults.
Super King 72" 78" 36" x 78" Large enough for two adults; good for guest accommodations.
Size Matters!
Selecting the right bed size lets you retire for the day in peace, and sleep without persistent discomfort. Mattresses mustn't be too soft, nor too firm; they should be a right blend of both. Guidelines that you must follow while choosing the perfect bed size, pertain to the length of the bed and the carpet area of your bedroom. With regard to the former (US), you must choose a bed 4'' longer than the tallest member occupying the mattress space. The latter (UK) suggests selecting a bed size that your bedroom can comfortably accommodate. Remember: The bigger the mattress, the better. Besides, it is not just about the width; the length, too, constitutes appropriate sizing.
Consider the size and dimension of the room. If the area of the room is not meant to accommodate a king-size bed, don't cram it in. Even if that means sacrificing your desire to possess it, don't let temptation govern practicality. Besides, you ought to spare space for a wardrobe or two. Even a little space to include a little utility furniture may not hurt either, or would it? It all depends on the size of your room.
Remember: Space is an important consideration. Comfort is a priority. If a couple pad it is, a king- or queen-size bed is what you must look out for.

Ensure that you have discussed your needs prior to mattress shopping. A family may not place importance on possessing the right mattress; however, it is one of the most vital buys you should indulge in. In accordance with what you and your partner want, the mattress could be firm, soft, or extra soft.

Think about your budget before you invest in a mattress. If you think buying an expensive mattress will promise paramount comfort, then go ahead. If the mattress does not cater to your needs, there is no point possessing it. In the name of being economical, don't land up with an uncomfortable mattress either. Do not apply such money-saving tactics when selecting an appropriate bed size.

The above charts gives a common interpretation of standard bed sizes. If you are planning to buy a bed for yourself or for someone else, I am sure these guidelines will help you in your search, and eventually, let you purchase a bed that fits perfectly with your requirements and budget.