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Best Bed Rest Pillow

Got Back Pain? Bed Rest Pillow is the Best Option You Can Consider

Bed rest pillows provide support for the back by helping a person maintain the right posture, while doing other activities like reading, watching television, etc. Learn more about these pillows from this article.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
After a day of hectic activities, when you finally retire to your bed for some rest and solace, a comfortable pillow can do wonders for your strained nerves. Out of all the choices available, bed rest pillows are the best-suited, and most sought-after by individuals. These pillows are also nicknamed as husband pillows; they are supposed to mimic the feeling of a husband hugging you from behind. They provide much-needed support when a person is seated on the bed.
This pillow comes with a cushioned back and arms on both sides. It looks similar to a recliner, minus its bottom seating. Such pillows provide comfort for one's posture, and are ideal for when you want to read a book or watch television.
These pillows are somewhat stiffer, compared to other kinds. This is because they are designed to provide support for one's back. People suffering from back and neck pain can especially benefit from using these. A typical pillow is designed to end at the base of the neck. However, bed rest pillows come with higher backs that support not just the neck, but the back, as well. Some of the other features include, a side pocket to hold a book, a holder to place a tumbler, and a built-in massager. Pillows that can be folded are available, too.
Bed rest pillows come in a variety of colors and designs. You can buy those that match the colors used in your bedroom decor. For example, if you have a pink paint palette, go similar pillow colors or complementary ones. If you are buying them for kids, get the ones that have their favorite sports team logo on them. These days, such pillows have a particular school or university's logo on them, making them quite popular.
For people who prefer something simpler, plain or printed varieties are a good option. If you feel the need to change the look of your bed rest pillow every now and then, go for the ones that come with removable covers. Such pillows are easy to maintain, too, as the covers can be washed. Pillows of this sort can be useful for people with kids or pets.
These pillows are an ultimate source of comfort and are great stress busters. They can be pretty versatile, too. You can use them on the bed, floor, or even in a car while driving. The best part is, they are budget-friendly.