Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

Geeta Dhavale Dec 21, 2018
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If you have a small bedroom then you have come to the right place. We tell you about bed ideas for small spaces that would help you decorate the bedroom effectively making it look larger and leaving enough space for mobility in the bedroom.
A cozy large bed is one of the essential things in the bedroom. But many times the bedroom is so small that only a bed is what can be accommodated there leaving no space for cupboards, computer table or study table, TV, and coffee table etc. It is quite challenging to stuff in so many things in the small spaces.
But do not worry, here some bed ideas that you can try even in the small spaces. Apart from this, there are many other things that can contribute to a great bedroom look. To know more about small bedroom ideas for small spaces, read on...

Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Bed is an important thing in the bedroom and has to come first when it comes to bedroom decorating. If the space is extremely small, try out some murphy bed plans to save a lot of space.
If not, you can go for sofa cum bed or other adjustable beds etc. Today there are variety of small bed designs in the market, so you can choose the one that is compatible with the other bedroom furniture. 
If possible, try to make it a single bed in room instead of double one. Try to keep the bed in one corner and not in the middle of the room so the room looks bigger.
Another thing you should keep in mind is choose the narrow frame and light frame beds instead of bold and thick border beds as they give the fuller look and look very heavy to the eyes. You can try wrought iron frame beds that look chic and are less space consuming. 
Choose the bed sheets and covers that are not very bright in color. Go for small floral or plain designs instead of bold prints. Always keep few and small pillows in the small bedroom so the room doesn't look stuffed with pillows.

Small Space Bedroom Ideas

Apart from bed, there are lot of other things that contribute in making your bedroom look big.


One of the great ways to make the small space look bigger is choosing the light weight and versatile bedroom furniture that makes your bedroom appear larger and grand. Opt for small bedroom furniture pieces instead of big ones.
For example, choose the wardrobe, clocks, lamps, and tables tops that are smaller in size. One cannot avoid them as they are bedroom essentials.


The perfect lighting is also very important to make your bedroom appear grand. Try to fit the lights in the closet and direct them towards the walls. It would save a lot of space and create an illusion of the brighter and bigger space by expanding the light horizons.


One of the effective decorating tips is the right flooring. Go for strapped flooring instead of standard square ones. For example, try diagonal long wooden strips instead of big square tiles. The eyes would follow the straps creating an illusion of bigger space.

Wall Colors and Ceiling

Try to avoid POP for ceilings in small spaces as they consume too much of space and make your bedroom look even smaller.
Use colors and paints that reflect more light and so light pastel shades are the ideal for you. The dark colors will absorb light and make your room look smaller. Also, opt for small wall decorations, such as small paintings, etc.
Apart from this, use the curtain partition instead of doors to save space. Choose the furniture that offers storage so the room looks more tidy and big. From the given furniture and bed ideas for small spaces, you know the art of decorating small bedrooms. Share these ideas with your interior designer and get the best custom bedroom designed for yourself.
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