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Bean Bag Chair Pattern to Help You Relax in Style

Bean Bag Chair Pattern
Rest easy or just laze around in a lazy bean bag chair. Find out more about bean bag chair patterns, in this post.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Imagine a Sunday afternoon, chilled beer or a can of Red Bull, a bucket of popcorn (if you don't like popcorn, a yummy cheese pizza) and your favorite movie. Wow! Sounds cool. But, wait a minute...something seems to be missing, probably a cozy comfortable chair to laze on, maybe a bean bag. What?? You don't have one? Hmmm... not to worry, maybe one Sunday you can spare sometime making a bean bag and enjoy the rest of your Sundays lazing around in it. Given below are a few bean bag chair patterns. You can also boast about making it entirely by yourself. Or maybe, surprise yourself as to how creative you are and discover a new quality in you.

Bean bags are loved by all and blend in perfectly with your house decor. Bean bags can complement any area because they are light-weight, mobile, and can be made in any shape, size or color. These bags are filled with polystyrene pellets or are foam-filled, which make them comfortable to sit on. The outer cover could be your choice, some like leather, others denim, corduroy, canvas, fur and so on. The inner lining has to be muslin for durability. The outer as well as the inner cover are zippered to facilitate the filling of pellets. Zip covers also make it easy to remove the covers, when the bean bag needs to be washed. Coming up with bean bag patterns challenges your creativity. Read on to know more on the same aspect.
How to Make a Bean Bag
Bean bags are the centerpieces of any home decor, cafe, studio or reception room. They are used as recliners along the poolside or in gardens. Here is how you can make a bean bag.

Things Required
  • 5 yards heavyweight fabric for outer cover
  • 5 yards muslin for inner lining
  • 25" zipper
  • Polystyrene pellets (just enough to fill the bag)
  • Tracing paper
Bean Bag Chair Pattern (Basic)
  • To make your own pattern, place a tracing paper on a flat surface and sketch a trapezoid. But instead of drawing straight lines at the bottom and top, draw two upward facing curves. The trapezoid has to be 41" long and 21" wide.
  • To make the top of the bean bag chair, fold a piece of paper exactly into half, mark a point at the center of the folded edge and draw an arc measuring 5" from this point.
  • To make the bottom of the bean bag chair, repeat what is done for the top. Here, draw an arc measuring 12". Cut along the folded edge leaving a little space from towards the ends and discard the cut piece.
Procedure to Make the Bean Bag
  1. Now that your pattern is ready, all you need to do is place these patterns on the fabric and muslin, and cut along. We need 4 pieces of the side patterns and 1 each of top and bottom of the bean bag. Therefore, we will have 12 cut pieces in total.
  2. Once you're ready with the cut pieces, it is time to sew them together in long stitches along the inner side of the bag.
  3. Firstly, stitch pieces of the trapezoidal pattern together along its length. Make sure you work on the stitches from the inner side of the bag.
  4. The opening in the top and bottom circle of the bag is where the zipper is basted. Once the zipper is fixed, the circle has to be stitched at the bottom and the top. Make sure you zip open the zipper while stitching.
  5. Now turn the bag inside out through the zipper opening. The outer cover is ready.
  6. Repeat all the above steps with the inner lining (muslin) as well. Once the inner cover is ready, insert it into the outer cover through the zipper opening. Finally, fill the inner bag with the pellets and close both zippers.
  7. Now sit back and enjoy your finished product.
Bean Bag Creativity at its Best
Bean bag
Beautiful woman sitting on bean bag
Teenager working on bean bag
Woman sitting on jeans bean bag
  • If the bean bag is made for a kid, make sure you use a doll-shaped bean bag chair pattern, which is quite in vogue these days and appeals to kids as well. Don't forget to alter the length of the bean bag when you make them for kids.
  • You can also make the basic bean bag and add a cartoon face at the top end. Such patterns definitely fascinate kids. A friend of mine made small bean bags with numbers on them for his kid, to learn while enjoying the bean bag. How innovative!!
  • Teens can have sports-related patterns like a rugby ball, baseball, drum-shaped or anything else. They are cool to sit on and play video games or just to watch your favorite movie. A hexagonal-shaped bean bag, looks unique and provides ample sitting space too. A triangle-shaped bean bag also looks interesting and adds to your room decor.
  • A knitted bean bag (as in the album above) looks absolutely classy and royal but requires lots of patience and the skill to knit it well.
  • The use of printed material to make bean bags is a very good idea. The outer material can be painted with your favorite soccer player or basketball player, or rather it could be just your name. A Dalmatian print, polka dots or your country's flag looks unique.
  • If you wish to cuddle up with your loved one, the giant bean bag pattern will serve your purpose well. It is strong enough to hold the weight of two and absolutely comfortable to sit on. Giant bean bags are filled with foam and can be used as a guest bed or sofa.
  • A flattened bean bag looks like a mattress and serves as an extra bed or sitting place when you have guests at your place or a party. Bean bags are spill-proof since they can be washed or just wiped with a damp cloth. It's an advantage if you are dealing with messy kids.
To sum it all, bean bags are super cool, durable, inexpensive, and absolutely low maintenance. So, go make yourself this cozy couch and laze around on it. Challenge your creativity and come out with patterns, best suited for you. And if you're too lazy to actually think of a pattern just pick one of the above and get going!
Burgundy Bean Bag
Bean Bag
Shelf With Bean Bag