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All About Beadboard Ceiling Panels

Mamta Mule Jan 9, 2019
Beadboard ceilings provide a great look to any interior. Here is some information about these simple and beautiful-looking panels that will surely add an exotic look to your home.
Paneling has become a popular decor element to add a unique look to interiors. It was initially done to protect walls from damage. Today it is used for much more. Beadboard is commonly used for paneling or wainscoting. It imparts a simple and chic look to the house.
Paneling is not just restricted to walls, it is popular for covering ceilings as well. Moreover, using paneling for ceilings, makes the house look beautiful, thus making it a popular choice for home decoration.

All About the Ceiling Panels

Beadboard is also often referred to as beaded panels or beaded wainscoting. It is basically made up of strips of wood that are placed beside each other. The planks are installed side-by-side to form a panel covering the ceiling area, thus imparting a wonderful look to the entire space.
You can buy the tongue and groove boards or planks, and fit them together to construct the panels. You can also opt for the solid readymade panel sheets as they are easier to install. The choice of material is sure to confuse you. You can either choose a premium quality wood or vinyl planks.
While the paneling looks awesome in cottage-style homes, it can equally play up modern interiors. It is mostly used to cover basement ceilings.
The panels are not only used in interiors but also for patios, gazebos, galleries, and sun rooms. Many bathrooms also have panels these days.
White is the most common color for paneling, but also try using other shades.
However, the wrong choice of color can ruin the beauty of the entire space. Depending upon the wall paint colors, you can consider painting wood paneling with light shades like beige, off-white, pale yellow, or neutral shades. You can also choose to keep it unfinished and let the natural finish of wood grace the area.
You can also just varnish it for some shine. Light or dark wooden finish can look great when paired with the same colored furniture so that they complement each other. These can be used in different color combinations to create a different and unique look. While light colors can create a spacious effect, darker shades can add a warm and cozy effect.
Make sure you choose a dark shade only if the area is spacious and has a good height. Wall trims are added to give a well-defined finish to the ceiling. Wall trim is installed at the intersection of ceiling and walls. You can have the trims in the same color as that of ceiling panels or even in a contrast shade.
You can install these by yourself but it is always better to get a professional to do it, as it requires skill and experience for it to have a perfect look.