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Beach Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pragya T Oct 04, 2018
Want to decorate your bedroom to reflect a beach theme? Try out these ideas to transform your ordinary bedroom to an exotic one.
There are two ways to decorate a bedroom to reflect a beach theme. The first is to decorate your bedroom into a breezy and a natural looking space. This way is practically possible only if you have a big bedroom and plenty of windows.
But if you have a small bedroom or want to decorate an apartment bedroom, then try the second way, where you can select items which give a feeling of the beach, and add them to your bedroom decor. Here are some ideas to help you.

Decorating Ideas

Use these ideas to paint your bedroom and add the decorations to give it a look of the beach.
● The first thing is to select appropriate interior painting colors for your bedroom, and the most suitable color to paint your walls is aqua. You can go for either a light shade of aqua blue or aqua green.
● Feel free to experiment with some interior paint colors and ideas, like painting little palm trees, or a sun at the corner of a wall. You can also take stencils which are star-shaped, paint them, and add a bit of strokes to the stars to make them look like starfish.
● Another painting idea you can try out is a beach mural on a wall.
● Wood flooring in a light blonde shade will make the place look even more beach-like and natural.
● You can go for a bed which is made of cane; if that is not possible then just add bedding that goes with the theme.
There are matching bed sheets and pillow covers that will go great with your beach theme. Patterns of shells, ships, starfish, dolphins, etc., are available, so grab a few sets to decorate your bed.
● For a sultry effect, add some soft translucent fabric curtains to your windows. You can even go for printed curtains.
● For more bedroom furniture, add 2 to 3 beach chairs of bright colors, and a folding beach table.
● Hang some floating shelves and shadow box frames. You can store your items in the shelves, and add rocks and a small lighthouse model to the box.
● After you are done with your basic paint job and furniture, add some accents to decorate your bedroom.
● You can keep a few earth-colored rugs on the floor, and some miniature palm house plants.
● Keep a surfboard in a corner, and use a lampshade for your lamp that has a beach design.
● Throw other items like oars, shells, and other life preserves to add more to your beach themed bedroom design.
● You can also hang anchors, picture frames, and life rafts on your wall to add to your bedroom beach interior decoration.
● Hang a wind chime which is made out of wood, near your window.
● And lastly, make signs to hang on your door. There are many things you can use, like seashell wreaths, or a sign saying 'Private Beach', or a garland made out of shells, etc.
These were some ideas that will help you decorate your bedroom with a beach theme. So, select the colors, furniture, and decorating items well, and enjoy the new looking bedroom!