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Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay window curtain rods pose a challenge when selecting the bay window treatment. You have several types of bay window curtain rods to choose from. This article will cover some information on the bay window curtain rods.
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One of the most beautiful features of a home is its bay window, that makes every home owner proud. The bay windows are seen in old home architectures that have endearing proportions and bay window design plans make homes look very grand and lovely. The drawback of a bay window is its lack of insulation, making it prone to heat loss, that makes it necessary to add bay window coverings like curtains.

Curtain Rod Set for Bay Windows
During bay window treatments, consider the window as one unit. Do not consider individual window when selecting bay window curtain rods. Thus, opt for bay window curtain rod sets that follow the window line. There are many choices available for bay window curtain rods. You get bay window curtain rods set in two or three curtain rods. You may even find a single bay window curtain rod fitted specifically for your window in some stores that specialize in bay window curtain rods. Though, these customized bay window rods can make your bay windows look attractive, they may be heavy on your pockets.

If you are on a tighter budget, choose a bay window curtain rod set of three standard rods. You need to place one rod above each window casement. There are many cheap bay window curtain rods available in discount stores and depending on your bay window treatment, you may create a look of one single rod, by placing the individual bay window curtain rods close together. In case you want an elegant feel and display long, sheer panels, choose bay window curtain rod set of two rods. The two rods are fitted between the three windows that adds to the interest of the bay window.

How To Install Bay Window Curtain Rods?
There are usually three bay windows that are fitted inside a three-walled bay. It is a challenge to fit curtain rods, in bay windows and the following steps will help answer your question how to install bay window curtain rods.
  • If you are using a bay window curtain set of three rods, then measure each window carefully and use very small finials at the ends of the middle curtain rods.
  • If you want to add larger finials at the end of the middle curtain rod, then consider installing bay window curtain rods in layers. The middle bay window curtain rod should be kept at a higher position than the other end curtain rods.
  • You may even choose flexible bay window curtain rods that will bend at the corners and fit to the bay windows.
  • Curtain tracks can be mounted to the wall above the window. Although, curtain tracks lack the aesthetic look of a decorative bay window curtain rod set, they easily bend according to the contours of a bay window.
Let us have a look at some of the decorative bay window curtain rods. You have a range of decorative bay window curtain rod set that includes spiral, pyramid, petal circles, roman spear, crystal, palm, medieval hook, twig, feather and olive branch styles to choose for your bay window.

Decorative Curtain Rods for Bay Window
If you have decided to add draperies, valances or window scarf to your bay windows, you will need to consider the several variations of the drapery hardware. You have a variety of flexible, bendable, curved curtain rods and tracks for bay windows available in the stores. There are different types of decorative bay window curtain rods sold in stores like:

Custom Curved Bay Window Curtain Rod
The traverse or wrought iron rods make the custom curved bay window curtain rods. The traverse rods are made up of aluminum and vary according to the weight that is hung on them. The wrought iron rods on the other hand are sturdier and decorative bay window curtain rods than transverse rods. They are perfect for heavy curtains or draperies and you can even make do with the valances and pelmets. The wrought iron rods are very decorative by themselves. You may choose colored draperies or white window scarves on black or painted iron bay window curtain rod to make you bay window look even more attractive.

Flexible Transverse Curtain Tracks
You can choose from plenty of choices available for flexible transverse curtain tracks. Many companies sell these curtain tracks in rolls or foot or as a single wide track. The minimum radius is 12" and the metal tacks come on standard, medium duty and heavy-duty types. These types are made specifically according to the type of bay window curtain ideas to be hung that is, light, medium weighted and heavy weighted curtain.

Specialized Bay Window Curtain Rods
The customized decorative bay window curtain rods have flexible bends that are built according to window contours. These pose a challenge when bending and need special tools to fit the window contour. These are continuous rods that create the most beautiful look for the bay window curtains. You can pull the draperies on each side of the bay window curtain rod, giving an open view to the window.

This was a little information on bay window curtain rod. If you have a home with a bay window, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Bay windows are not only charming, but 'owner's pride, neighbor's envy'.
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