Features and Uses of Bathtubs for Elderly

Stephen Rampur Oct 4, 2018
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Customized bathtubs for the elderly are certainly helpful. These are ergonomic, come fitted with therapeutic facilities, and are extremely easy to use. Here are their features and uses.
For the elderly, or for those who are physically disabled, using conventional bathtubs can be difficult. The main challenge would be going in and coming out of them. With the help of some modern adjustments and alterations to typical bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs have been made.
When it comes to bathtubs for the elderly, customization is the main factor. You can get a ready tub from the market, considering the requirements of the user. You also have the option of making one all by yourself.
Their characteristics depend on the kind of facilities the users prefer. Some of the general features include tiles, which have a good grip and are non-slippery, and have a big-sized and broader body. Other features include grab bars and rails for the user to be safe and comfortable.
The add-on features that are provided largely contribute to less chances of injuries to the users. Normally, users are able to enter in and come out of the bathtubs from three sides.
Some bathtubs even have doors for easy entry instead of the user getting over into them. These tubs may also contain special seating arrangements for users with physical disabilities who need to sit and take a bath. These are designed considering all aspects that are related to user safety.
Those who use the tub for relaxation and therapy can get them modified as per need.
They can have therapeutic jet systems, handy showers, and other accessories installed. The latest ones come with thermostatic valve controls which enable the user to change the temperature of the water as required.
The doors of these bathtubs, either open inwards or outwards. Inward-opening doors might be considered inappropriate, as they can't be opened until the water is completely drained off. This can be harmful in emergency situation. The doors are sealed to preclude water from coming out. These, too, come in different shapes, sizes, and with all the facilities.
It is not that only bigger models are available, you can even purchase smaller models which fit well in a limited space, without compromising on the facilities.
When it comes to the styles, colors, and patterns, bathtub refinishing is not needed. Other advantage is that you also need not worry about bathroom remodeling.
There are many bathtub manufacturing companies that are coming up with newer and advanced models, abiding to the minimum requirements by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Moreover, hydrotherapy and whirlpool features are also added in, to increase the comfort level of seniors and physically-challenged while bathing. Before buying one, it is recommended to compare products based on the brands, features, and prices to get the best possible deal.
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