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Bathtub Surrounds

Bathtub Surrounds
There are many ideas in bathtub surrounds that you can use while remodeling your bathroom. In this post, we are going to discuss some of them. Read and enhance your knowledge.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019
If you have a bathtub, you know the feeling of relaxing in a warm soaking bath. However, keeping the bathroom walls dry is quite difficult when you have a bathtub installed. This is where bathtub surrounds comes in useful. Many people think that bathroom surrounds are just for aesthetic reasons and are meant to improve the look of the bathroom.
Though there is little doubt that they do give your bathroom a facelift, the advantage of having a bathtub surround is that it protects your walls from water seepage and formation of mildew. This is very important in a bathroom with a bathtub.
Bathtub Surround Ideas
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There are many materials that you can choose from in bathroom surround, ranging from ceramic tiles, stone, marble, plastic to vinyl. Of these, the most popular are tiles since they are affordable and provide good insulation against water.
One of best thing about installing tiles is that they are found in a wide range of patterns, colors, and sizes to suit your bathroom decor. Large tiles installed on the two walls along the bathtub work well. Choose two to three different colors, or one solid and one patterned tiles to create an elegant look.
Colors like teal blue, green, brown, and off white work well as a bathroom surround. You can also choose to install small mosaic tiles that are available in most hardware stores.
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If tiles are not your thing, than your next best option is to go for marble. They are a bit high maintenance but they give an opulent and rich look to your bathroom. A marble bathtub surround is a good investment for small bathrooms as well  as they give it a more spacious feel.
You can choose from white Carrara marble or Italian marble. Both look fabulous against a bathtub and both are available in tiles and slabs. Slabs are much easier to install, although you will probably need to call in a professional for this. To give your bathroom a very contemporary and stylish look, you can opt for granite bathtub surround walls.
Different grades of granite are available in neutral and earthy colors. Granite bathroom surrounds are a great choice since granite is incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you are aiming for a rustic look, then there is nothing to beat stone surrounds. They give a soft and natural look to a bathroom, although they are a bit on the expensive side.
If you are looking for something more cost-effective, then you can consider acrylic surrounds. They are easy to install and easy to clean. There are many surround kits are available in home improvement stores, and most of them are reasonably priced. They come with installation booklets, and are great DIY projects.
Whether you choose a tile or vinyl surround, make sure that the installation is done right. Bathtub surrounds should not only match your bathroom decor but should also be able to protect your bathroom walls.