Bathroom Window Curtains

Mamta Mule Jan 9, 2019
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Searching for the best bathroom window curtains? Well, you are at the right place then! Here are some great ideas to dress up your bathroom windows gracefully and beautifully.
Designing a bathroom and adding the best decor to finish its look is what many people crave for. Many bathrooms have windows that add an airy element to it. Using the right window treatment in order to spice up the bathing space is quite essential. This not only gives a beautiful look to the area, but also adds that much-needed privacy element.
So, why not add lovely curtains to the bathroom window? Adding this new element will instantly brighten up the appearance of a dull area. So, ready to revamp your bathrooms with classy fabrics? Here are some ideas that will help you in the project.

Ideas to Consider

Cover Up With Opaque Drapes

Opaque drapes are amongst the top picks when it comes to covering up the bathroom windows. They offer complete privacy. Moreover, with thick drapes you can have a solid color that compliments rest of the bathroom decor. What's more, you can play up the window treatment with fancy valances and various pleated patterns of curtains.
With a wide range of designs and fabrics, you can easily find opaque curtains and drapes for adorning the bathroom windows. Make sure that you have the tie back ropes to hold these back when required.

Spice It Up With Sheers

Sheers are a fave amongst interior designers. These are commonly chosen for small bathrooms in places where complete privacy is not an essential factor. Many a time, sheers are used to cover just the lower half of a window.
This is especially done when a bathtub is placed besides the window. Well, again you can add valances to the top part of the frame and grace the lower half with sheers. Choose from a range of soft colors or metallic sheers. You can also grab lace curtains and other lovely semi-transparent pieces that make the prettiest curtains.

Put Up Water Resistant Curtains

With waterproof curtains, you have a perfect cover that doesn't get damaged due to water spills that are very common in this area. Moreover, with their increasing popularity, you can find a wide variety in terms of colors and designs.
May it be funky retro pieces or an elegant contemporary fabric, both are sure to look awesome. Choosing a good quality piece is essential even if you are grabbing the water resistant piece. Cheap pieces can ruin the look of this space.
Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also find vinyl curtains. Well, these are not a great pick, although you can find them at extremely low rates. They are not durable and will not help give a fresh look to the space. These can be still considered if you are looking for a temporary solution to cover up the windows.
So, add up one of the best curtains and you will realize that just this single element is enough to transform your bathroom's dull look. Pick the colors according to the effect you want to have. Electrifying and hot, or sober and cool; it's all your personal choice. Grace the bathroom windows with beautiful curtains.
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