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Bathroom Wall Paneling

Bathroom Wall Paneling
Bathroom wall paneling is a superb idea to remodel this area. It is definitely a smart alternative to wall paint, wallpapers or tiles. Read on to know more about this way to decorate your bathroom.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019
You might consider various options while refurbishing your bathroom. While floor tiles, wall tiles, and paint are very common elements, you would definitely like to add a unique element to this area. Paneling is one such option that you can choose to make the area much more beautiful.
Spacious light bathroom
Paneling is a good alternative to the wall paint or tiles. If you choose paneling, you are sure to get amazed by the wide range of designs available. You can have a surface similar to natural stone, mosaic, or any other type of your choice with the easy to install wall panels.
Choosing Wall Panels for Bathrooms
Firstly, you must go for waterproof panels. These are specially designed to be used around steam and water. So this will ensure that your panels will stay undamaged due to the water from the shower and steam. You can also clean them with water to maintain their appearance. 
Remember that panels are more durable as compared to paint or wallpapers. Moreover, installation of these panels is an easier task as compared to that of installing tiles. While choosing panels, pick those with tile effect, mosaic effect, wood effect, or effect of natural stones like marble or granite.
Once you buy panels, you also need to have trim pieces matching with the panels for covering the panel seams and wall trim. Now that you have selected the panels and trim, let's see how to install them.
Step 1
Before you start installing bathroom wall paneling, make sure you remove all the wall hangings, shelves, fixtures like towel, soap, toothbrush holders, etc. This will ensure easy and fast installation. Also remove the shower curtains, window curtains, or blinds before you start working.
Step 2
Start by removing the sheet rock, so that you can have a perfect surface ready for installing the panels. Measure the height and width of the wall. For uneven, slanted, or angled surfaces, measure the dimensions separately. Cut the panels accordingly to fit into the sections using a table saw.
Step 3
Now, attach the panels using wooden screws along the frame boards. Also secure the top and bottom edges of the panels. You can further use small nails to secure the panel in corners and overlapping areas.
Finish with the trims at the bottom and top of the panels. Using a wider trim at the top and a narrow trim at the bottom is a good idea. You can have a plain or designer trim matching well with the wall panel effect.
Paneling is definitely a great idea that you can opt for while remodeling the bathroom. Various designs are sure to spruce up the entire bathroom and transform it into an elegant looking area. With nicely complementing decor, you can have a perfect package ready for a relaxing bath.