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Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Elegant Types of Bathroom Wall Cabinets to Give it a Lavish Look

Wall-mounted cabinets are a storage option that add elegance to bathrooms. Read on to know how to get a wall storage cabinet for your bathroom.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
Wall cabinets can bring your dream of a clean, uncluttered, and attractive bathroom into reality. You can store all your lotions, perfumes, deodorants, and many other common-usage things such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpastes, towels, tampons, hair dryers, shavers, etc., in these cabinets.
A good-quality wall-mounted storage cabinet also adds a stylish touch to your bathroom. If you are considering installing a wall cabinet in your bathroom, you must first know about the various options available. You can select one or customize one by combining certain features from the mentioned further.
Glass Type
Modern bathroom interior
A cabinet made of glass adds elegance to your bathroom. The kinds of glass usually used are tinted, regular, and mirrors. Regular cabinets have wooden doors. These are good, but not trendy.
For a more stylish and contemporary look, mirror cabinets are the perfect option. For an obvious reason, they add functionality to your bathroom. In order to use it as a mirror, install it at face level. If you prefer a classic touch, you can go for the tinted and see-through glasses.
Wood Type
bathroom cabinet of wood
The versatility of wood enables it to adapt to any design, color, or tone. If you prefer a color scheme for your bathroom, wood is the ideal choice.
Suppose white is the current color of your bathroom, install a white-painted wall-mounted storage cabinet and enjoy the decor. If the interiors of your bathroom are inspired by metal, you can go for the wood type.
Multiple Door Cabinet Type
Multiple Door bathroom Cabinet
Depending upon the number of doors, a wall-mount cabinet comes in two varieties: two-door and three-door cabinets. The selection of one of the two types depends on the space available in your bathroom.
If you have a big bathroom and need to store a lot of toilet articles, you must select the three-door cabinet. Otherwise, go for the regular two-door variety, as it would be in better equation with the size of your bathroom.
The market is flooded with designs of different wall-mounted cabinets for bathrooms. You have to choose the one that is in accordance with your needs, comfort, and style statement. The available designs are antique, contemporary, country-style, and urban style.
Suggestions for Buying
In order to buy a wall-mount bathroom cabinet, searching on the internet is the first and the ideal action. Search for the one that suits the availability of space, your bathroom design, and, of course, your budget.
Once you have made your choice, take a look around at different home improvement stores, as they have a large collection of these cabinets that you can choose from. In case you do not find one suitable for you, come back to the Internet, and conduct a search again.
This time, look for the websites of those home improvement companies that provide home delivery. Buying a wall cabinet in this manner is a bit costlier, as the price includes shipping costs and other taxes too. It takes a week or two to process your order and deliver the goods.
How to Build
Bathroom wall cabinets need to be enduring, which is why they are generally built with hardwood. Nowadays, wood veneers (a coating of superior quality wood on a relatively inferior quality and cheap wood) are used for the same. Cabinets are available in standard sizes of 18, 24, 30, 36, and 60 inches.
The standard height is 36 inches for base cabinets. Measure the space available in your bathroom to get a clear idea of the kind and number of wall and vanity cabinets you can install in there.
Make a plan according to the area available to you, and draw and scale it on a plain graph paper. The planning work will be no sweat if you make use of a kitchen-planning software program. You will get all the required raw materials for bathroom cabinets from a home depot. Cut the cabinet parts according to what you have planned.
Building a cabinet is made even more easy with a cabinet kit or plan, which has all the parts needed for building a cabinet. You just need to join these parts together. Simply follow the guidelines that come with it. You will need the help of certain hand tools though, such as router drill, screws, drill, hammer, and table saw.
installing Bathroom cabinets
Once you are done with the building process, consider the most suitable space for installing the cabinet in your bathroom. Make sure it is a little away from the shower. It can be installed above the sink. But, there is no standard place where it can be installed, so place it anywhere according to your comfort and choice.
wall mount bathroom cabinet
Wall-mounted cabinets add a comfortable and modernized look to the bathrooms. You would find them in a wide variety of styles, designs, and price ranges. Consider all the aspects of your taste and budget, and select one that matches the current decor of your bathroom.