Bathroom Walk-in Showers

Priya Johnson Sep 23, 2018
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To increase the convenience and accentuate the style; installing bathroom walk-in showers is becoming very popular these days. They not only keep the rest of the bathroom dry, but are also convenient to have a quick shower before work.
Walk-in showers impart a sleek, elegant look to a bathroom. They are more convenient as compared to bathtubs when it comes to having a quick bath.
The glass, frameless walk in showers give an illusion of airiness and spaciousness. Moreover, getting the ones without doors accentuates the spacious feel.
While bathtubs are great for relaxing or soaking in; walk-in showers are exactly what one needs on a hot summer day or when in a hurry to have a bath and make it to an appointment. For those of you who have small bathrooms, there are small walk-in showers that do not eat away too much of free space.


Most people carrying out bathroom remodeling are seen to incorporate these showers into their bathrooms. There are three basic walk-in shower designs; with frames, frameless and semi-frame showers.
Framed walk in showers are those made with thin glass and held up by aluminum or steel frames. They are inexpensive and are great shower enclosures for those on a smaller budget. In the frameless type of shower enclosures, the glass is of a stronger type, thus, no frames are required to support it.
The frameless variety is slightly on the expensive side, however, due to its lovely elegant look, most people opt for this kind. Then, there's the semi-frameless type, in which the sides of the shower have frames, while the top and bottom are frameless. They are cheaper than the frameless ones and impart a frameless look.

Shower Ideas

If you thought it was impossible to get the spa effect into your bathroom, you were wrong! With the spa walk in shower one can enjoy the spa effect without burning a hole in one's pocket. These showers come with several inbuilt, rain-style shower heads that conduce to the spa effect. Your body gets a massaging effect due to the multiple body sprays.
When attached with the hot water provision, it becomes a wonderful steam spa. Then there are the corner walk in showers, which are ideal for small bathrooms. They save floor space and utilize the corners well.
The rustic walk in shower with copper shower heads and beechwood cabins are cheap and good options. Doorless shower designs are also available, which consume less bathroom space. Moreover, they are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Installation Tips

You can either install the walk in shower on the floor of the wet room or can have it installed on a shower tray. The latter is less expensive and takes lesser time to install.
However, if you plan to install the shower in a wet room, make sure you contact a professional because there are different factors such as tanking, sloping, etc. to be taken into consideration while installing it. Before installing a walk-in shower, make sure you consider the type of flooring and drainage.
The drainage should be near the shower and should have the capacity to allow water to go down fast enough. Or else, you will find yourself waddling through a pool of water every time you try and have a shower. The water will take a long time to clear up, leaving the floor unpleasantly wet each time a person has a shower.
Bathroom walk-in showers are spacious enclosures that allow you shower conveniently, while at the same time prevent water from seeping out of the enclosure. They are not only convenient, but also add elegance to the bathroom.