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Selecting a Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Selecting a Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Installing bathroom vanity mirrors is the best way to enhance the look of your bathroom. There is a huge array of designs which can actually confuse you. No worries! We come to your rescue with some amazing options; check them out!
Rutuja Jathar
Luxury Modern Bathroom Suite
Bathrooms can make a huge impact on your daily life (obviously!). A beautifully decorated house seems incomplete without the perfect bathroom. Bathroom decorating ideas are many, and there is a huge range of vanities that you can utilize with your own creativity. There are numerous kinds of bathroom mirrors with various materials and designs, and they can definitely leave the customer baffled.
Sink Cabinet And Mirror In Bathroom
Vanity tops and wall cabinets give a totally different look to the bathroom. Mirrors play a major role in enhancing the look. Mirror is a person's best friend, especially the bathroom mirror. Mirrors give small bathrooms a certain illusion of space. An important criteria to be considered is whether it will be adaptable to the bathroom's humidity and moisture. Most of all, popular mirrors come with the chrome coating over their surface that enhances the finesse as well as the durability of mirrors.
Stone Sink And Mirror In Bathroom
Everyone is well-acquainted with the standard mirrors. But nowadays, the resources are unlimited as mirrors come in various styles, right from antique to contemporary. Well, in my opinion if you are looking for the best quality ones, then go for the vanity tops that come with attached mirrors, as the perfect place of the bathroom mirror is above the sink. If you find this option a bit expensive, and feel like adding a personal touch of creativity, don't worry as there are still plenty options to choose from.
Illuminated Touch
There is a huge buzz about the illuminated mirrors across the globe. They are the best example of contemporary style. They come with light fixtures that ease off the utility of the mirror, and also brighten up the atmosphere with LED lights. The illuminated bathroom mirrors are available in various designs and shapes, and are suitable to almost all kinds of bathroom. Magnifying mirrors are also available with reversible as well as lightened mirrors that are very useful for doing skillful tasks such as makeup and shaving.
Decorative Style
The decorative bathroom mirrors define your sense of creativity, which is almost infinite. Adding a single decorative mirror can give your bathroom a royal look. They come in a wide range of designs starting from oval to square, and in materials like wood as well. This way, one can choose any beautiful mirror of his choice, and give the bathroom a charming, as well, as spacious look. Some mirrors come with attached shelves, as well as light fixtures on both sides or at the top of the mirror. This makes them more appropriate for smaller bathrooms.
Standing Mirrors
Standing bathroom mirrors are the best fit for bathroom vanity tops that come without mirrors. They can be placed on any table top, are movable, as well as double-sided. Choose the size according to your bathroom, as these are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. One can choose large bathroom mirrors or floor-standing mirrors, both the options are highly recommended for big bathrooms, which have enough space to move around.
Standing Mirrors
Vintage Look
If you are game for something different, and want to give your bathroom a rustic look, then these are perfect for you. Just add some lights, and your bathroom is going to look oh-so-amazing, and comforting. Even if you are short on space, you can go for a some small vintage standing mirror, or add a few elements to jazz things a little. Do remember that a vintage mirror will look out of place in a modern bathroom. For it to blend in, your entire bathroom should have an old-world charm.
Vintage Mirror
Bathroom Vanity Mirror Ideas
  • Mirrors placed in front of the window will reflect the natural light, and will brighten your bathroom naturally.

  • While choosing mirror, one must always consider the bathroom design first. Wrong size or place will make your bathroom look clumsy.

  • The furniture and color combination of the bathroom is also an important thing to consider while installing a vanity mirror. An antique-framed mirror will not gel with a contemporary vanity top.
  • One can also go for a wall mirror that comes with an added shelf at its side or base.

  • One can select a frameless mirror, and frame it with the material of your choice. This can be a fun and exciting task to channelize your creative side.
We hope you have got an idea about how your vanity mirror is going to be. Whatever you choose, don't forget to keep it stylish!
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