Bathroom Tile Designs for Small Bathrooms

Pragya T Nov 23, 2018
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Using right tiles can add to the decor and space of a small bathroom. One should choose the tile designs wisely for various areas of the bathroom, so that they look good and are practical to clean too.
Today, many of us live in apartments. In apartments due to the compromised space, the bathrooms are also small. Hence, many people keep looking for solutions to make the bathroom space appear larger. There are many factors which can actually make a small bathroom appear larger and brighter.
Using some design principles will help you make the small bathroom look bigger. To create this illusion, stick to neutral and bright white shades or white color. Also, having and maintaining clean and long lines can contribute to the space.
Additional light fixtures or an extra window can add up to the light amount in the bathroom, resulting in a more opened up space. All these design principles will help you create the illusion of more space.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to small bathrooms, these design principles matter. One important aspect of the bathroom is the bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles practically cover 2/3 surface of the bathroom. So, how to choose bathroom tiles? Bathroom tiles for different bathroom spaces should be selected wisely.
For example, for the floor of the bathroom you can lay square tiles in a diagonal way. Diagonal lines means illusion of more space.
Another thing to do is to use the colors which reflect light. The more the reflection of the light, the more opened up the space will be. A standard choice of color for bathroom tiles is white. White bathroom tile ideas look good and go good in small bathrooms.
However, too much of white can make the space look sterile. So, you can choose a beige or a gray color for the tiles. Another way to make the sterile white tiles look interesting is to use a contrasting color of tiles here and there.
A touch of a bright color like orange, green, lavender, or aqua blue can make the tiles on the bathroom look interesting. These can also serve as a focal point, thereby, contribute to the bathroom decor.
Choose material for bathroom tiles which don't soak in water. Ceramic tiles have been popular for ages. Ceramic tile which is glazed is a good choice. 
There are also metal tiles which give a modern look. However, one needs to be very careful while using the metal tiles, as they can make the bathroom look like a metal chamber. 
Metal tiles are waterproof; if you are using them in your bathroom, then make sure you add few flowers and houseplants and other accessories to keep the bathroom looking natural and pleasant.
There are also glass tiles which are getting very popular. Glass tiles come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose them to create a unique looking bathroom.
Now, comes the question of where to put what material of tile? You can use the mentioned types of tiles anywhere in the bathroom. However, there is certain rule of thumb for placing specific bathroom tile designs for small bathrooms.
Ceramic tiles go everywhere. But, stick to using glass and metal tiles only for backsplash designs. Again stick to neutral colors. Lay ceramic tiles in a diamond or a diagonal pattern across the bathroom floor. Use ceramic tiles which have a texture for the floor. This will prevent any slipping accidents.
For countertop, you can use ceramic tiles or glass tiles. Glass is easier to clean than ceramic, while glass is also prone to breaking if something falls on it. So, choose wisely.
For bathroom shower tile designs, you can create some border with the ceramic or glass tiles. You can use neutral tiles for the most of the surface and some colored tiles for creating border around the soap dish level or shower.
Use large sized tiles, so that the cleaning is easier as there will be less chance for grout.
So, stick to the mentioned tips and choose the right, material and color of the tiles and lay them in a right manner across the bathroom floor, and other surfaces and make the small bathroom appear larger and brighter. Bonne chance!