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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas You’d Adore

Sonal Panse Nov 24, 2018
Using pale and pastel shades with a few bright accents, can create a calm and cheerful atmosphere in your bathroom. Go through these some bathroom tile design ideas.
Perfect tiling of bathrooms has always been appreciated and nowadays, with the wide choice of colored and textured bathroom tiles available in the market, you can create and bring about varied kinds of effects.
Bathroom tiles come in various materials like ceramic, porcelain, travertine, sandstone and marble. These tiles are available in varying sizes and textures to choose from. Even the grout comes in varying colors, so that you can try different designs with this material too.
You may also go for tile murals, which are now available in numerous styles. Given the available varieties of bathroom tiles, in fact, you will need to devote some extra time and thought to the kind of ambiance you want in your bathroom, how to go about achieving it and what kind of materials you can use for the purpose.
You must decide if you are going to tile your entire bathroom or only a partial area and the kind of design pattern you want to create in the available space. You may use a single type of tile for the entire space or combine more than 2 types. The design of the bathroom tiles will influence the whole look of your bathroom. 
You must also carefully consider the cost and maintenance factors. After all, you probably want a beautiful bathroom that is pleasant and relaxing to be in every day, with tiles that look great, are long-lasting, and are safe to walk on. Here is a brief overview about some bathroom tile design ideas.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles vary in price according to the material, size, design and manufacturer. So, it is a good idea to shop around and see what fits your budget. Before buying, make sure that the tiles are from the same batch, as different batches are fired at different times and so often can differ in their sizes. 
Select types like glazed ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles and terracotta tiles. Ask the dealer about their required maintenance. Select a tile that fits in with your design scheme. Order a few sample to check if the colors and patterns you actually want.
You must also decide if you are going to use a dark grout or a white grout. Apart from looks and durability, waterproofing, safety and ease of cleaning are some other factors that have to be taken care of, while choosing bathroom tiles. For floors, you must go for tiles with slip-resistant surface.

Some Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

So, there are various factors that have to be considered while choosing bathroom tiles and tile designs. This includes the style of the house and furniture, the paint color, the color and type of bathroom furniture and accessories, the size of the bathroom, the choice of the person who has to use the bathroom, the design of the bathroom, etc.
It will be easier for you to check the Internet and bathroom tile brochures for some excellent tile design ideas. You may also choose from the designs given here. The most important thing, apart from material, type and design of the tile, is the color of the tile. Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom tile colors and designs.
● The color of the tile you choose will define the space and create the mood for your bathroom. Using pale and pastel shades, with a few bright accents, can create a calm and cheerful atmosphere.
Lighter color shades also give an impression of a more open area, which is useful if you have a small bathroom. You can give your bathroom a light airy feeling with plenty of light, a couple of well-placed wall-mirrors and light-colored ceramic tiles.
● In case of small bathrooms, you may use a few dark color tiles as an accent. You may also try diagonal fitting of tiles so that the space looks bigger. In this case, tile installation may be a bit complicated and requires some expertise.
For a small bathroom to look bigger, you may use tiles of two different colors (no darker shades) in an alternate manner. However, avoid using border tiles in small bathrooms.
● For bathrooms with larger spaces, you can splurge your creativity and come up with unique tile designs. Go for larger tiles in bigger bathrooms. For both large as well as small bathrooms, mosaic tiles are ideal.
● Choose basic solid colors or try something different by blending colors, patterns, and shapes. Try creating interesting focal points in bathroom walls, counter-tops, and shower area by using colorful tile accents and attractive murals.
You can install accent tiles in the middle of the regular tiles or create a pattern by alternating them with the regular tiles.
● You can match the ceramic tiles in the shower area to the other patterns in the room, or you can use an entirely different pattern.
Since the shower area is often an enclosed space and separated from the rest of the bathroom, you can use ceramic tiles of a different pattern without turning your decor into an eye-clashing sore. You can enhance the shower area with vividly colored tiles or use a unique pattern to an interesting effect.
● For the floor tiling, you can use tiles of the same pattern as the wall tiles, albeit with a good grip. Or you can try using tiles that are of an entirely different color and even design pattern.
This can help balance the colors of the bathroom fixtures, especially if those are different as well. If you live in places with cold climates, having a floor with warm-colored tiles will look better and feel even better if you install radiant heating underneath.
● For a different look, you can use tiles with a unique texture. Go for those with leathery or metallic texture. You may use different shades for the floor and walls.
It will be better to use darker shades on the floor and lighter shades on the wall. One or two vertical or horizontal bands of darker colored tiles on the wall may also look good.
● Nowadays, bold colored tiles are being used in bathrooms. You may go for dark red, electric blue or lime green. You may use them on the walls, either randomly or as bands and patterns.
You may also use such tiles on the shower floor or on the walls around the tub. For shower floors, larger tiles are not recommended. You may go for tiles with a size of 12 inches by 12 inches.
● The wall behind the sink is well-lit and so, you can always highlight the area with a differently-colored tile. You may also accent a wall with some differently colored tiles or mosaic tiles.
There are a myriad different ways in which you can design your bathroom. Look at magazine photos, advertisements and design brochures for interesting bathroom set-ups. Make a list of the colors, styles and patterns that appeal to you, and don't be afraid of letting your imagination have a free rein. 
Whichever way you chose to tile your bathroom, be sure to infuse your own unique personality into the design. It is always better to seek the opinion of experts, before choosing the right tiles for a particular pattern.