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Bathroom Themes

Bathroom Themes
Decorating with a particular bathroom scheme gives the bathroom a unique and fun look. Here are various bathroom themes for kids, teens, and adults. Read on...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
When it comes to bathroom decorating, many things to be considered, right from the colors on the walls to the small soap dispenser pump on the sink. By planning the decor properly, you can come up with a great-looking bathroom. There are many great themes you can consider for revamping your bathroom. Let us take a look at some themes that you can consider.
Themes for Kids
Happy little boy in the hotel shower
One of the most popular theme for kids is the underwater theme. This theme is loved by all children. To decorate the bathroom in an underwater theme, paint the room a nice deep blue shade, you can also try out some textured paint.
Use tiles near the shower stall which have fish designs on it. Use a shower curtain which has a nice underwater design on it. Then place small items which remind you of the underwater theme like a seashell design soap dish.
You can also consider the Spongebob Squarepants kids' bathroom decor. Get a nice wallpaper which has all the characters printed on it. Then use white and yellow colors to decorate the rest of the bathroom, and use small items that give a theme look, like a hang a tire, place small boats and toys in the tub, etc.
Themes for Girls
Pink bathroom
Ballerina and princess are popular themes for girls bathroom. Pink and purple are one of the most popular bathroom color schemes girls bathroom. But, don't go overboard with these colors.
Pick a theme of pink-white or purple-white. Paint most of the bathroom with white and some areas with pink or purple. Then place some flowers, potpourri, lamps, etc., as accents.
Themes for Boys
Modern Bathroom interior
Beach theme or submarine theme are good ideas for a boy's bathroom. Go with colors like blue-yellow for beach themes. For submarine theme, go with gray and blue colors. Also, you can accessorize your bathroom with metal fixtures like mini submarines.
Once you are done painting the bathroom, then add the bathroom basics like tub, shower curtain, sink, mirror, shelves, etc., which have a design that fits in the theme. Then place small items to accentuate the room. For example, for beach theme place shells, starfish, crabs, fish, etc.
Themes for Apartments
Modern design of bathroom
When decorating small bathrooms keep things to a minimum. Use monochromatic schemes, and don't overdo with accents. Go with nice soft colors, mostly whites and pastels look good.
A touch of color looks good and provides a visual accent too. So, paint your bathroom with white or off-white, and some trims or corners with bright colors to make the room look cheerful. A bit of stencil design here and there can also make the room look great. You can also consider additional lighting to make the space look larger.
Once you are done with painting, add white color fixtures like the tub, sink, toilet, etc. Then add floating shelves and cabinet, even floating sink is a good idea. You can paint the furniture with a light color or let it be in the natural wooden color. Then add 2-3 themed accessories, don't overdo it. A small houseplant and few candles should do the trick.
When decorating the bathroom, first step should be planning, you can make rough sketches of how the room should look like. Then clear the room, clean it, and then start painting. Once this is done, install all the basics, then furniture, and finally fixtures. Then place accents for further decoration.