Bathroom Storage Tips

Kashmira Lad Oct 16, 2018
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Make your life a little easier with these easy bathroom storage tips, which will help you to manage the available space better in even the smallest bathrooms and help you organize the necessary items with ease.
Today, the bathroom holds a prominent place in most homes, when it comes to the decoration and the interiors. Most people opt for designer made homes and spare no expense when it comes to the interior decoration.
So, when it comes to lavish interiors, even the bath has undergone a major change. Today, it has more functions to play for a person rather than just the basics.
Most interior designers have now transformed the very basic bathroom into a place of luxury. The bathrooms are now coordinated in various colors and luxurious taps, washbasins cabinets, mirrors, and other accessories. 
Modern up-to-date bath stalls have flexible cabinets and stylish interiors, where the design incorporates such elements that convert this place into a luxurious space for many.
Most have the basics when it comes to storage of the toiletries and other objects. This often proves to be a problem especially when the bath stall is small. Even if it is small, it should be able to store items in the best way possible.
There are various ingenious ways one can approach and tackle this problem. The storage space is always critical and with proper planning and distribution of space, one can make the best use of the space available.

Managing the Storage Area

● If the area is small, you can keep the bulk of the towels in some other place. You can get a small cupboard, which can be kept outside the bathroom so that you don't have to run back and forth, especially when you are in a rush in the morning.
● Try to avoid clutter; this goes for small and spacious bathrooms. There are various ways you can avoid this such as arranging for some shelves which function well as storage units. You can look for specific styles of shelves such as corner shelves, etc. For this, you would need to identify with the kind of space you have and be very creative about it. 
Smaller shelves can be used in the corners and you can keep your toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, foot scrubbers, and other knick-knacks, which you may need on an everyday basis and storing them elsewhere would be a cumbersome affair.
● Try to get a combination of a sink with the storage cabinet together, which can also help to save on space. This will enable you to use the space to the maximum effect.
● If you still require more units apart from the built in vanity cases, you can opt for mounted cabinets. These also come in various sizes with a mirror attached and sometimes with hooks to hang lightweight materials.
● Once you have decided upon the cabinets, there are times when you may not remember where the specific products maybe placed. Therefore you need to categorize the products and store them accordingly.
You can use one drawer specifically for hair related products, another for styling and make up. This would help you organize things better especially when you have to rush for a happening party at a very short notice and need to get ready in very little time!
● An extremely small shower stall can use baskets that can be simply hung to store lightweight products. Prop them against an object and use it for stacking hand towels, washcloths etc. Add to the decorative element with the use of ribbons and sash!
● Look for plastic covered containers to keep the toothbrushes and toothpastes, all in one place. The cover would ensure it remains in a hygienic place and also proves to be convenient when you are groggy and sleepy in the morning and can easily find things in one area.
● The side cabinet proves to another value addition. These are available from the floor level to the level of the hips. These options are also available with attachable sinks and built in shelves. And all your elements stay in one place.
● Use hooks and simple racks for those who do not have too much space for cabinets. Hooks make it easy for you to hang towels, washcloths, and your wash clothes.
● You can even keep containers and these can hold toiletries of different individuals in the family. Once these containers are labeled, it would help to keep your personal products being mixed with other products and it would also help in keeping them in one place.
These tips are bound to help you discover more space than you can actually imagine. So, the next time you think you don't have enough space in your bathroom, think again and change your outlook!