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Bathroom Showers Without Doors

Mamta Mule Oct 25, 2018
While adding a shower to the bathing space, you don't need to follow any design rules or latest trends. Create a space that looks great and consists of the required elements and offers the essential convenience factor. So, think out-of -the-box and get ready to work on the design of bathroom showers without doors.
Most of you would agree that a well designed shower is the best part of a bathroom! Who doesn't love to take a relaxing hot shower after a tiring day? If your bathroom lacks this element, then you can think of adding one. Walk in showers, corner stalls, shower tub combos and many more options are available in this category which you can consider opting for.
But along with all these, doorless designs are becoming quite popular and you can find a range of shower stalls and shower enclosures in open designs, hence without a door. Well, wondering what makes them a popular option? Here you can find the answer for this question and the best design options in doorless showers.

Why Consider Doorless Showers

There are various reasons for which one might prefer having bathroom showers without doors instead of the closed shower stalls. The first and topmost benefit of having these is that they allow seniors and physically challenged individuals to easily access the shower area.
With no door frame and the floor in line with your bathroom floor, entering and coming out of this area is much easier for those using wheelchairs. So a barrier free entrance is definitely a great alternative to closed showers in case you have such individuals in your family.
Unlike closed showers which often create a blocking effect, the doorless designs helps create a spacious effect. What's more, the interiors of the shower enclosure or even the walk in shower, appear to be more roomy without a door which adds a boundary to the space!
With a wide window in front of the shower, you can enjoy a classic backyard or garden view. Definitely, maintaining the privacy factor is an essential element to be considered. Trendy blinds or classy sheers can be added to this window.
Having a shower without a door means you get an option of continuing the same walls tiles in this area, hence eliminating the expenses of installing new tiles.

Designs in Doorless Showers

The ones made of glass are the ultimate picks. Fiberglass shower enclosures are also quite popularly chosen by many. If you have a small bathroom space left after adding the shower area, hang a trendy shower curtain.
This will ensure that the water does not spill out, hence keeping the bathroom floor dry and also adding a soft privacy touch. A roll up blind can also work well instead of shower curtains.
You can simply add a curved designer glass partition at one corner of your bath. This will create a nice walk in shower without doors. Make sure that you have a large shower space after adding the partition. Use the rich looking frosted glass which makes a perfect looking partition for your master shower.
A large rain shower head, plush shower panel with various fixtures including shower nozzles, hand held shower and other knobs are a must. You can further add massage jets, a small seat or a wide bench and a wall cabinet for placing the shower essentials.
Install a tall oval mirror on the wall opposite the shower partition. With massage jets and extra shower nozzles, you need to ensure that the water does not spill out. So add vertical blinds or a designer shower curtain which can be pulled while you enjoy the soothing shower.
When you are creating a well-designed shower space without doors, you can opt to add different flooring and wall tiles for this area. Go for rich earthy colors in quality natural tiles for floors. Adding the expensive and beautiful glass tiles in combination with small marble tiles is also a good shower design idea.
Continuing the look or creating a different effect for this shower area is your choice! With no doors, you have plenty of options and combinations to explore in the bathing space. With tall accent pieces placed at the entrance of this shower partition, get ready to have an eye-catching shower in your bath!