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Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Mamta Mule Jan 9, 2019
Browsing through the various bathroom shower tile designs? Then here are some ideas on the same which you can consider implementing and adorning your bathroom shower walls in the best possible way, thereby creating a classy ambiance and awesome looking shower space!
Showers are often the focal point of your bathing space. A well-designed shower which includes essential shower fixtures and accessories can't look finished without proper tiling. With nice looking wall and floor tiles you can rightly distinguish the shower space from rest of the bathroom.
While you want to have a great looking bathroom shower, the designs can't be missed out! Before choosing shower tile designs, you need to consider the ambiance that you want to create here. You can choose the tiles, color, and designs accordingly and have a shower space that looks exactly the way you want.

Get the Dual-tone Effect

Nothing looks as beautiful as a dual-toned wall tiles. With the various options in tiles, you have a lot to experiment while working on this type of design. Get two sets of the same type of tiles. Both the sets must have different shades of the same color.
Dark and light shade of same color works best for the eye-catching monochromatic effect. A basket-weave layout with small tiles laid in alternating shades is sure to convert your dull bathroom shower into a wonderful space.

Use Neutral Natural Tiles

If you love that earthy feel or a soft ambiance, nothing works as natural tiles do. With lovely shades in marble or granite you will be able to play up the shower floors and walls in a unique way. Shades like white, black and soft neutrals like beige or off white can create lovely designs.
You can have floors adorned with large tiles and walls fancified with small marble tiles. For an exotic effect, go for pebble inlays for the shower walls. Shower space graced with 'pebbled' walls or floors as well can look truly beautiful. This especially works well when you are working on designs.
Slate tiles also offer a good alternative to expensive marbles and granites. Limestone is another option which can be used to create attractive designs with the various shades which it offers.

Grace with Glass Tiles

No matter whether you want to create a tranquil ambiance or a plush shower space, glass tiles that make a versatile option can be considered to spice up your bathroom showers according to your taste.
Use soft white and ocean blue glass tiles and lay them in straight rows and alternating pattern on walls and floors to create a cool marine effect.
For larger bathroom showers use bright-colored glass tiles for creating a lively shower space which looks rich and grand. Combos like black and red with a hint of white to balance the dark effect can be used to create luxurious bathroom showers.
One of the popular ideas is to add plain tiles and run a border of designer tiles. Contrasting tiles can be used to add the right flavor to bland walls. Simply lay them in-between plain tiles at equal distance or in a unique layout to create an eye-catching patterns.
Similarly a mix of tiles can be used instead of using the same type of tile all over the bathroom shower space. Marble and glass, mosaic, and ceramic are the combinations that make lovely designs.
While all types of tiles and colors of tiles are not visually appealing, you can lay them creatively and go for the perfect combination to create an attractive canvas. While you install bathroom shower tiles, vinyl and ceramic are also good alternatives to aforementioned tiles and both of them are available in a wide range of colors and designs.