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Bathroom Shower Stalls

Pragya T Dec 20, 2018
Today, there are so many options when it comes to bathroom shower stalls. Let us discuss the different designs of shower stalls and their features...
Shower stalls can be beneficial for bathrooms. They help to keep the bathroom cleaner, as water is prevented from being splashed around cabinets and door.
While an open shower will spray water all over the bathroom and make the door and cabinets rot faster. Also, shower stalls save your time, rather than waiting for the tub to fill you can just take a shower within few minutes.
Now, these stalls come equipped with many features and come in different shapes, designs, and materials. So, you can pick a simple glass enclosure shower stall or pick a steam shower enclosure for a more jacuzzi like experience.

Prefabricated Stalls

The prefabricated stalls are manufactured with material like fiberglass, reinforced acrylic, synthetic marble, or plastic laminate. They come in different shapes like square, curved, rectangular, angled, or cornered shower stall.
The cornered or square prefabricated stalls are a great idea as small bathroom showers, as they occupy very less space and you can pick a shower stall which fits one or two people.
Also, these shower stalls come in different colors and styles, so pick a shower design which you like the most, or one that matches your existing bathroom decor. These stalls come with single or multiple shower heads, steam jets, waterfall rain heads, and some even come with a stereo system!
You can even choose from prefabricated stalls which have shelves and foldable bench. Another advantage of buying a prefabricate stall is that they are very easy to install, you can hire a contractor for installation, or follow instructions to carry out the shower stall installation yourself.

Tiled Stalls

For these stalls you will need to fit tiles yourself. You can use tiles which are made from stone, marble, granite, or other material.
These kinds of shower stall design allow you to build a unique stall according to our taste, you can pick colors, designs, patterns, and shapes according to your choice. However, these stalls need professional help and can't be installed yourself, which means they cost more.
You can add a glass door or a bathroom shower curtain to close these stalls. While prefabricated shower stalls have many features and give a modern bathroom look, the tiled stalls can be designed using stone, pebbles, and marble to give a more earthy look.

Tub Shower Combos

Mostly people tend to keep bathtub and shower stall separated, however if you have limited space or don't have a big budget then you can pick a good design of tub shower combo.
Tub shower combo come in beautiful elegant design. 
Many come with white-tiled bathtubs and glass-curved shower stall. These kinds of shower stalls will not just save space, but also will allow you to take a relaxing bath on weekends. And let you take a quick shower when you have to rush to your work.

Glass Steam Shower Enclosures

If you wish to enjoy hot steam while taking a shower, then these are the best choice of shower bathroom stalls for you.
Residential steam stalls are popular choice for high-end bathrooms and have a safety glass shower enclosure. These shower stalls other than shower heads are equipped with steam generator making your showering experience even more enjoyable.
So, decide your budget and need for a shower - do you wish to go with elegant-looking modern steam shower enclosures so that you can enjoy taking steam; or do you wish to go with a shower enclosure that comes with a tub so that you can have a relaxing bath on weekends?
You can order a shower stall design online, or go visit home improvement stores to check these shower enclosures personally.