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Highly Innovative Bathroom Shower Ideas for a Heavenly Experience

Bathroom Shower Ideas
Bathroom shower ideas can be used to elegantly decorate your bathroom and give it a new look. Let's take a look at some innovative ideas that you can effectively use to make your bathroom shower interesting.
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Taking a shower is no longer a mere daily activity. Unique bathroom interiors are becoming increasingly popular. A good bath is known to relax an individual and to help him/her de-stress. Thinking of giving this personal space a twist?

Here are some creative ideas such as steamy affair, new direction, light drizzle, LED showerhead etc. to help you through this DecorDezine article.
Innovative Shower Ideas
A Steamy Affair
Streamy shower
Does the steam and sauna in your gym tempt you to spend extra minutes in the shower? Do you love the rejuvenated feeling of a steamy shower after sweating it out? Well, now you have the option to do the same at home. Go in for a steam shower unit. We have all heard about the multiple health benefits of steam on the human body. It is known to relax the muscles in addition to keeping one's skin healthy and young. Keeping up with the latest technology, steam shower units come equipped with multiple functions including temperature adjustment and time limit. What further makes it desirable is the availability at an affordable price. To make your shower a more relaxing experience, use herbal oils. Aromatherapy can do wonders to one's bathing experience.
A New Direction
Woman taking shower
"A year-long spa membership"! Doesn't the very thought bring a smile to your face? I'm sure the fairer sex are definitely nodding in agreement. For this very spa-like feel, bring home the multifunction custom shower unit. Equipped with multi-angle sprays and jet streams, these are built with the purpose of making the everyday shower a pampering experience. With these shower units 'direction' is the key. Surprise your body with jets of water splashed at you not only from above, but also front, back, and below. The feet are splashed with tiny water jets at regular intervals, because, your body deserves the luxurious feel from head to toe. Set aside the thought of water conservation and indulge yourself. Keep a potted plant by your bathroom window to make you feel happy every morning.
Drizzle, Rain, Splash
Woman playing in rain
Nothing feels more welcome on a hot summer afternoon than a light drizzle. However, why wait for the clouds to part and give you relief from the heat! Now turn your daily routine activity into a pleasurable "rain dance" experience with rain showerheads. These are available in a variety of sizes. A gigantic rain showerhead gives couples a chance to step in together and spend some quality time. Enabled with multiple functions, you can enjoy the feel of a light drizzle or a heavy downpour depending on your mood. Paint a rainbow on the bathroom wall for a better and realistic touch.
A Colorful Rhythm
Blue colored shower
LED showerheads are all about luxury and comfort. Enabled with LED devices, these showerheads brighten up the color of your shower, filling every water droplet with a dash of color. Not enough? In addition to this, a speaker is attached to the shower unit to play music while you bathe. Bring out the bathroom singer within you and sing along to your favorite songs or calm yourself with a soulful tune.

An external keyboard is provided to help you control the light and music, as and when you desire. These shower units are bound to transport you to a parallel, rhythmic world. We are all aware of the importance of lighting to a room's feel and decor. They say, a color tells a lot about one's personality. Choose these aspects of your bathroom interiors thoughtfully to reflect who you really are.
The Flooring
Custom shower
The flooring is a key element. The size and style of the floor, of course, should differ according to the size of the bathroom. A small-sized shower can have a brilliant shower pan. There are several advantages of installing shower pans - better drainage and easy cleaning. The floors of medium-sized bathroom showers can be built creatively, yet economically. Giving the floor pattern a chessboard-look is a nice idea. One cannot go wrong with black and white. I recently came across an innovative idea used in a hotel for large bathrooms. The walls of the bathroom shower were covered with plastic and life-sized photographs of the ocean and the floor was made up of finely polished blue stone. A person standing in this shower would get the feel of spending time in a magnificent ocean.
When giving your bathroom a new look, keep a particular theme in mind. Once you have made your choice, the interiors, colors, lighting and equipment should be chosen accordingly. One must pay attention to the wiring in order to avoid mishaps. In addition to this, cleanliness plays a very important role. So, step into your shower, let the water flow and give yourself this daily relaxation.
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