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Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Mamta Mule Jan 6, 2019
Here are some of the best bathroom shelving ideas for you. These will not only help you organize the toiletries and other essential items in the bathroom, but will also help to play up the bathroom decor.
There are a number of options available in bathroom decor. Adding storage to the bathroom, no matter whether it is small or large is a point to consider while remodeling. Place a lot of essentials in it and with proper storage arrangement, these will stay well-organized.
Having ample storage arrangement will ensure that it does not look cluttered. Shelving is a good idea of adding that needed storage space. It also adds to the decor.

Bathroom Shelves

Possible Placement Options

You can have the best shelving when you plan it properly. First, consider the placement options. Check the free spaces available, where you can have the shelving. Remember, it will be used to place essential items, so they have to be accessible. 
Like having the brush, toothpaste and hand wash above one of the bathroom vanities is needed.
Having soap, scrubs, body wash, and loofah near the shower is essential. Same goes with the bathtub, all essentials must be kept near. So, arranging shelves near the shower, bathtub, and basin for placing the necessary items is important. You could install small-sized glass shelves on both sides of the vanity mirror.

Material Used

A mix of shelving patterns can be used to keep uniformity in the materials used. Choose the material as per the background, where you are adding shelving units. Like shelves on a tiled marble surface can be those of marble. Those inside a glass shower stall can be made of glass. The ones above a wooden vanity can be made of the same wooden material.

Types of Shelving Units

There are various types of shelving units that you can consider adding to the bathroom for perfect storage.One of the most popular ideas is to have wall mounted shelves. Fix them at a comfortable height.
You can install them to form beautiful patterns likea zigzag or 'S' pattern. Simply have wall to wall shelving to hold the toiletries.Also, use free standing patterns for large and spacious bathrooms. Place these in the two corners. Wall mounted storage cabinets don't take floor space and help to pack in all those items which are lying here and there.
Another storage tips is to install the shelving units in the corner. You can have 3 to 4 of them, one above the other.

Finishing Touch

Making those shelving units look beautiful is important to enhance the look of your bathroom. Use designer brackets for beautifying the units that are made from glass. For wooden ones, choose colors matching with the rest of the decor, for an overall decent appearance. For closed storage, use decorative handles. Pace decorative pieces on the topmost shelf.
You could opt for two independent shelving units besides the door, mirror, or window and place show plants or a fresh flower vase over it. Nicely rolled towels and folded bath suits will look perfect on the open shelves. Make sure that all the items are placed neatly on them.
With the aforementioned ideas, you are sure to have a great looking bathing space. Place some aromatherapy oils and potpourri on them and get ready for a relaxing and refreshing bath.