Bathroom Floor Tile Design Ideas

Kritika Parwani Oct 23, 2018
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If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom, changing the bathroom flooring can definitely be a great option. Let us take a look at the several bathroom floor tile design ideas at your disposal.
A bathroom is a stress-free zone, a place where you can relax by taking a warm shower or a luxurious bubble bath.
Earlier, for changing the decor, there were not many choices available. However, now there are infinite choices as per your taste and personality.
Perhaps, the most crucial choice are the tile patterns. Good designs can accentuate the theme of the place, for example, if you want your bathroom to have a contemporary look, having tiles with plain backgrounds and bright-colored shapes and graphics is an excellent option.
The important characteristics of a good tile is that it should not only look good, but also be safe to walk on and easy to maintain.

Materials and Designs

Glazed Ceramic

Due to its durability and maintenance-free qualities, ceramic is one of the best choices. It has a natural stone look.
Moreover, they are available in various different colors, shapes, and textures to suit your decor and theme. Make sure that the surface has a slip-resistant finish so that it is safe to walk on when wet.


Porcelain tiles are made of white clay. One of the easiest to maintain, they are stain and wear resistant as they are fired at very high temperatures.
Cleaning porcelain is extremely easy, and this is perfect for someone who has no time on their hands. Since they have a white base, various colors can be added according to your theme. They are inexpensive and are very popular in residential and commercial complexes.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are manufactured from granite, limestone, basalt, marble, and slate. They are exquisitely beautiful, but like all beautiful things, they are expensive and high in maintenance. 
Another thing that has to be considered is that unlike porcelain and ceramic tiles, these are heavy and you have to check whether the floor will be able to take its weight.


These tiles are also made from fired clay and are specifically made in countries like Mexico, France, Italy, and Spain. Terracotta is available in different colors and shapes. They can be machine-made or handmade.
Terracotta is beautiful in the natural state, however due to its porous nature, the tiles are required to be sealed. Though it is a bit complex to install them, they are easy to maintain, durable, warm, and inviting.


These are incredibly versatile tiles available in a variety of colors. They have geometric designs bedded in small cubes which give them a delicate look. 
Though they can be used on floors of any size, they look best when used on a smaller size space. Besides being durable and low in maintenance, they are also less slippery as compared to the other options.


Cork is another option, among the many bathroom floor tile design ideas. Though cork can be used over any flooring, it is best used in the bathroom. 
It is environmentally friendly, anti-static, shock-absorbent, and non-slippery even when wet. Cork can be used unsealed, but it is better to have it sealed to prevent dirt from ingraining itself.

Designing Tips

Here is a look at some design options, to come up with the right look for your bathroom.
Choosing the right tile color is very important. Neutral colors like beige and white make the place look larger and reflect light. Colors like yellow, peach, and even green make the bathroom look more cozy and inviting. These colors are however not meant for a contemporary look, but are more appropriate for a country look.
Colors like blue and violet reflect a calm atmosphere. Choosing bright colors makes the bathroom seem smaller.
If you want a contemporary look, choose those with a plain white or black base and add different colors and graphics. Play with eye-catching colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. You can complete the look with contemporary accessories and fixtures.
It is not always necessary to lay the tiles in the same simple pattern. For a unique look, try a diagonal layout or one alternating between two kinds of tiles. You have to use your creativity to come up with a look that suits your theme and taste.
If you are using a single color, try adding a different color border to make it more interesting. You can also alternate between two colors for the border. This kind of look displays your creativity and your ability to play with colors.
For a Victorian look, use pastel shades like pink and green with floral patterns. If you want more of a nature-based Mediterranean look, use terracotta or hand-painted tiles.
Floors represent the largest area in any room, so there is a significant investment of money and effort in selecting the tiles. Therefore, it's important to get it right. There are innumerable bathroom floor tile design ideas.
You can change the fixtures or accessories as often as you want, but the flooring lasts for a long time. If you are not sure about the design, then it is best to leave it to the professionals.
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