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Exclusively Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces
Clothes, food, and shelter - the three most important necessities for an individual. But in a world where realty prices are soaring, many of us live in houses which have very little space and extremely tiny bathrooms, thus forcing us to search for bathroom designs for small spaces.
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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Bathrooms are almost always one of the most ignored spaces in a house. While we tend to spend ages beautifying our house, we spend very little time on this essential room. Throughout the day, we keep using the bathroom. Hence, adequate attention should be given while decorating or remodeling the bathroom.
The essential things in a bathroom are the sink, the toilet, and the shower stall. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive and time-consuming. But with some smart design and color ideas, you can open up the small space of a bathroom. Here are some pictures of small bathrooms and tips that will inspire you to remodel or renovate a small bathroom.
Color Scheme for Small Bathrooms
Blue colored bathroom
Blue is a favorite bathroom color, it is soothing and pairs well with many other colors. Combining blue with white creates bright-looking walls. They reflect more light and open up the small space. Also, monochromatic scheme works great for small spaces. Cream is a popular bathroom color, and you can't go wrong with it.
Lighting up Small Spaces
Lighting is an important factor while decorating small spaces. Installing a new window or a skylight in your old bathroom can increase the amount of natural light entering the bathroom.
Ceiling Lights
Ceiling Lights in small bathroom
Using artificial lights, which are compact in size and throw a good amount of bright light, will brighten your room and give a feeling of more space. This light will also bounce off the light-colored walls and give an impression of more room.
Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink
For saving space in a small bathroom, install a pedestal sink. They are available in many designs, patterns, and colors so that you can match them with your bathroom decor.
Floating Sink
Floating sinks are great for small spaces, they allow easy cleaning, and you can place a laundry basket under them. You can also consider installing a see-through floating sink made of glass for a more spacious look.
Cabinet Sink
Cabinet Sink
Having some sort of storage underneath the sink is a good space-saving idea. You can see in the picture a rack is placed underneath the sink, which helps in smart storage. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cabinet sink.
Glass Shower Stall
Glass Shower Stall
If you don't want a tub, go for a corner glass shower stall, as it will save more floor space. Using glass shows the other side of the shower stall, which makes the bathroom appear larger.
Glass and Mirrors in Tiles
Glass and Mirrors
Mirrors reflect a lot of light, and give depth and semblance of more room. You can also go for a slightly large mirror to give the bathroom a more spacious feeling. Or you can consider installing a mirrored glass door for the shower area.
Storage Cabinet
A bathroom cabinet with a mirror can be installed above the bathroom sink. Such a bathroom cabinet can also serve the purpose of a mirror, and you can store many products inside the cabinet and avoid unnecessary clutter.
Storage Shelves
Open hanging shelves are great for small bathrooms, and you can see the wall behind the shelf which gives an illusion of more space. You can have an open shelf in a corner of the bathroom. An open shelf behind the toilet is also a good idea for storing additional items. Install floating bars to hang towels, clothes, napkins, etc.
In a small bathroom, keep a maximum of three accents. Overdoing with accents to decorate a small bathroom will make it look cluttered and shabby. Potpourri and scented candles will not just look good, but will also keep the bathroom smelling fresh and nice.
Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants
Small indoor plants lend a green look to your bathroom. You can also consider hanging a painting depicting the outdoors.
A small bathroom is more practical than a larger one as a small bathroom is easier to maintain and clean. With these ideas, you can convert your small bathroom into a spacious, airy, and elegant space that you have always wanted.
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