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Design Ideas for Decorating Bathrooms

Sonal Panse Nov 24, 2018
Decorating a bathroom is easy. One must have a good eye for design and detail. Be creative in your approach towards the task of redoing your bathroom.
One of the most important things to do when designing your bathroom is to consider the principles of universal design, which means that even if you have some unique ideas for your bathroom, it ought to be easily accessible and safe for all users.
By some well-thought-out planning of space and selecting suitable materials and accessories, you can facilitate navigation and prevent accidents like falls and burns.
You can design by the usual method of making a scaled-down drawing and the required appliances, or you can use a computerized design service which allows you to draw up a virtual plan and drag and move accessories around it.

Decorating your bathroom

Adding little things and rearranging existing appliances may give a new look and feel to your bathroom.
If you already have excellent plumbing fixtures, there is little point in overhauling them and you could instead try a fresh coat of paint, new wall-paper, or mosaic tiles on the walls or floor.
Use natural colors or soft pastel hues, with maybe a few touches of brighter primary colors. Apply a lighter color to the bathroom cabinets. Draw attention to the ceiling with decorative color treatment or add decorative beams.
For floors, go for durable materials like stone or ceramic. These come in a range of natural colors and textures and the ceramic tiles, of course, in a range of patterns as well. You can also try vinyl or wood flooring, but these might require considerably more maintenance in a bathroom.
Put up a large mirror on one wall - you'll find an amazing variety of mirrors in both upscale shops and the flea market - or install mirrored cabinets; mirrors create an illusion of space, but don't go overboard or you might end up with a space of illusions.

Installing accessories

Improve the look of your bathroom by choosing attractive taps, shower-heads, sinks, toilet seats, and bath-tubs available in the market.
Instead of the usual bath-tub, you could go for a whirlpool tub. Get a flexible spray-hose, and install a water-temperature control device so there's not even a remote chance of scalding yourself. If you have a shower, consider putting in a seat for a more relaxed bathing experience.

Installing lighting

Make the most of natural light and complement that with artificial lighting. The main thing is to have good, clear lighting that will allow you to clean and groom yourself effectively. Energy-efficient lightning also helps save on your utilities bill.

Installing luxuries

Display collectibles like shells or stones or china figurines on a glass shelf and put up framed paintings. Add a wicker table to hold your collection of rolled plush towels, soaps, bath salts, and pretty toiletries. Keep aromatic candles near the bathtub and on the vanity table.
Get towels and shower-curtains in different colors and funky patterns that complement each other and go well with the overall d├ęcor as well. Add a chair. It'll come handy when you want to apply make-up, dry your hair, or just sit still and think. Put in a couple of potted leafy plants or some fresh flowers. Think creatively.
Flowers don't have to be displayed in ordinary vases, you can use interesting-shaped glass jars or cans. If you have a nice window with a window-box, you can plant some bright flowers there. Hang up a small chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Scatter non-slip bath mats around the bathroom and place a bright rug near the vanity table.
For something nice and extravagant, try getting a towel warmer to keep your bath towels warm on cold winter days, a radiant heating system under the floor to keep your feet warm and a built-in stereo system to infuse music into the gloomiest baths.