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Bathroom Decorating Themes

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 1, 2018
A bathroom gives limited scope for decoration, particularly if you are on a budget. But, you can still decorate it with exciting yet inexpensive themes, and change the boring, bland bathroom into an absolutely stunning masterpiece of home decor. Here are some great themes you could consider.
The bathroom is often the most neglected room in a house when it comes to home decor. Most homeowners decorate the rest of the house with great taste, but often cut their budgets when it comes to decorating the bathroom.
Nothing can be more contrasting than a magnificently decorated home with a bland bathroom. This contrast becomes even more evident in guest bathrooms. Hence, a bathroom should be given an equal thought, if not more, while decorating your home.
A bathroom not only needs to be equipped with all the amenities, but it should also function as a cozy place where you can unwind and relax. You can easily change it into an exotic home spa by implementing some luxurious ideas. You can create your own theme as per your taste. Here are some ideas to help you out.


Create the feel of a seaside cabin in your very own bathroom. Install light blue tiles and paint the walls in the same color. Hang beautiful pictures of beaches, mermaids, or aquatic life. You can even have photographs of your kids playing on a seashore.
Choose towels in a shade of sand or taupe. Use bamboo racks to hang the towels. You can also adorn your walls with wooden frames with seashells glued on them.

Classic Country

This is a popular style for both home as well as bathroom decor. Start by installing tiles in earthy or rusty shades. Make ample use of natural wood. Get accent pieces from antique shops and place them in appropriate positions.
Cabinets and other furniture can be given an antique look by applying an antique stain on them. You can also use barn boards as a substitute for picture frames.


Install pearl white tiles and paint your walls in the same dazzling white color. Keep the number of items as minimal as possible. Collect only those adornments that will go well with the classic style of the fixtures.
Buy a silver-colored towel rack that can give a sparkling effect to the bath area. Go for pastel-colored towels. It is important that you always keep the area clutter-free and squeaky clean, otherwise this theme will lose its charm.


If you are fascinated with gadgets and are a die-hard James Bond fan, then opt for this particular theme. Though this theme won't come cheap, it will fulfill your secret desire of stepping into the shoes of agent 007. Get a bathtub that has several temperature control units, and is intelligent enough to know the correct level of water to be filled in.
There is also a range of smart toilets to choose from. These toilets are rightly called 'marriage savers' as they automatically lift their lid when the user approaches, they close the seat upon usage, and they also clean themselves.
You can also use your own creativity to design a theme to fit your home. If your budget doesn't allow you to re-do the entire bathroom, try changing the color of your tiles or applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. These little changes can do wonders without being too heavy on your pocket.