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Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor
Mentioned here are various bathroom decorating ideas that will help you to create a decor which is modern, elegant, and appealing.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
Decorating a bathroom is not a very difficult task and with some good planning you can decorate your bathroom yourself without any professional help. You can either make some changes in your present bathroom by adding some decorative items or you can start from scratch to create a decor. Here are various ideas...
Many people tend to ignore proper planning. But, if remodeling or decorating bathroom planning is done well, then the actual decorating job goes smoothly. So, take a notepad and pencil with you and do a survey of the room. Check what all items needs to be replaced and what all items can be reused.
Once you have made a note of these things, sketch a layout for the decor. Selecting a decor depends on many things like - the room's design, the size of the room, the people who will be using the room, etc. So, keep these things in mind and then make the sketch of the new decor. You can consider elaborate decor themes or some simple elegant ones.
painters painting bathroom
Many bathroom color schemes look good. Whites are classic and perfect for small bathroom. A lot of white and little bit of color of any shade looks great. Go with white-blue, white-red, white-sunshine yellow, or with darker colors if you have a large bathroom.
Red-black combination gives a touch of sophistication, brown shades give a cozy ambiance; while-purple, yellow, or orange-painted bathrooms look cheerful and work great for kids' bathroom. You can also consider some textured or painted wall decor.
Adding Lights
Guest's bathroom
For a small bathroom, add bathroom lighting to open up the space. You can consider adding a skylight, an extra window, or simply some more light fixtures to improve the bathroom lighting.
Modern Bathroom Interior
Some good design of light fixtures can even add up to the decor, but if you want the light to be subtle, then ceiling loft lights or shelf loft lights can be used.
Adding the Basics
Once you are done with painting and lighting, then add the basics like tub, toilet, sink, countertop, etc. You can either reuse the old ones if they are in a good shape or totally replace them. For small bathrooms, white-colored tubs and sinks work good, while for large bathroom use dark-colored basics. You can also paint small designs on these basics.
Domestic Bathroom
When decorating a small bathroom consider going with a floating bathroom furniture system and instead of a countertop go with a floating sink. You can get a mirror cum shelf, or go with floating cabinets or shelves to keep the space open.
Bright Bathroom
For large bathrooms, there are many options of cabinet furniture, opt for a marble countertop with storage underneath.
Ready For A Relaxing Bath
Use accents which are in harmony with your bathroom design. If you have a modern and elegant decor, then few accents like candles, a lamp, a houseplant, a painting, etc., will look good.
But, if you have a theme in mind, then you will need to shop for specific items to add to the decor. There are many decor sets, which make the job of adding accents easier.
If you want to make the bathroom look very unique, consider experimenting with decorating ideas. For example, you can have the ceiling painted with a sky mural, or paint one wall textured, or place an LCD TV, or a skylight in the bathroom.