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Bathroom Color Schemes and Accessories

Meera Mankhedkar Nov 28, 2018
The concept of a bathroom has undergone a sea-change in recent years, with people willing to spend more on this comfort zone in their homes, offices, public places, restaurants and what-have-you. For ideas on bathroom color schemes and accessories, read on...
Traditionally, a bathroom in the simplest sense, was strictly meant to be a place where one could bathe, cleanse or attend nature's call. The bathroom, restroom, washroom, toilet, loo, water closet or any of the other names it is known by, was not a place where one spent a long time.
So generally, while constructing a home, office or commercial building, expenses on designing the bathroom took a back seat. A bathroom usually had just the minimal facilities needed to finish one's business.
Nothing fancy. In fact, it could be said that the bathroom was usually the most neglected and unaesthetic space, in a residential or commercial facility, where one would go primarily to attend nature's call or hurriedly have a shower... and get out fast! 
However, with the awareness of the importance of hygiene (particularly in bathrooms) and the increasing demand for clean, hygienic and aesthetic utilities, the industry has responded with a flood of ideas and products.
This is make the bathroom a place where one would like to literally spend hours, relaxing... luxuriating in a bathtub, with all sorts of fragrant bath oils or reading a book while your hair color sets onto your hair, or whatever.
The range of new and beautiful bath and sanitation accessories, furniture especially designed for bathrooms with marvelous color schemes for the bathroom walls, etc., just take one's breath away. If you want a bathroom that is both efficient and elegant, here are some ideas that might help you.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Colors add life and can be therapeutic as well. Plain gray or white walls can be depressing, like being in a hospital, where the walls and tiles are usually sterile white. Colors can change our moods.
Everyone likes to linger in rooms where the colors are fresh, soothing, revitalizing or trendy, while nobody likes to hang around in a room, or for that matter, any place, where the colors are either dull and dirty-looking or clash with one's auras.
But one should know how to mix and match the colors, else the result could be disastrous! Imagine having tomato red walls with blue fittings, green curtains, orange tiles..and so on ..disastrous! 
Bathroom color schemes apply not only to the walls, but to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. So, the color of the furniture and accessories like tiles, sinks, commodes, cabinets, fittings, even towels, rugs, and bathroom decorations also matter. Let's see how to choose colors for the bathroom.

Primary and Secondary Colors

Red, blue, yellow are the primary colors and green, orange, purple are secondary colors. The secondary colors are obtained when two primary colors are mixed.
But do you know about tertiary colors? Tertiary colors are derived when a primary color is added to a secondary one, giving a different effect. Apart from these basic colors, there is a whole wide range of hues and tints or shades, to choose from.
When white is added to a color, it produces a tint, and when black or gray is added, it produces a shade! To make it more complicated, nowadays you also have something that is called textured colors. All this might get confusing, so it's best to refer to a color wheel.

Color Wheel

Choose colors from a color wheel. A color wheel is a great aid in choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom. Analogous colors (colors which are next to each other on the color wheel) give a harmonious feel.
Complementary colors (colors which are across each other on the color wheel) are contrasting colors, which when combined together, gives a jazzy and artistic look.

Colors and their Significance

Colors have their own interpretations and they are associated with different emotions. Green and yellow are fresh and rejuvenating, as the colors of nature, while red, purple and black are intense, mysterious and sensual colors.
A shade of red and orange would give an earthy color, while tints of purple and blue (mauve, lilac and lavender) are soothing colors. Depending on what mood you want to create in your bathroom, you can go for colors related to it.
If you want to feel revitalized and energetic, go for earthy red and orange colors.
On the other hand, if you want to feel soothed and relaxed, go for tints of blue, green, yellow or mauve. If you like to project a sense of elegance and luxury, go for heavy colors.
If you want to express your creativity, go for an artistic splash of contrasting colors and out-of-the-ordinary designs.
In today's scenario, there are really no set rules. You can be as creative as you want, keeping in mind the basics. Another tip while thinking of a color scheme, is that light hues or colors give an illusion of space, so if your bathroom is not very roomy, you could consider this.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are the auxiliaries that support the essentials. They range from your soap dishes to soap dispensers, glass shelves, robe hooks, grab rails, bathroom bins, towel rings, toilet brushes, toilet roll holders and more, to hold or keep in place all the essential things that are used in a bathroom.
They also include the essentials, like showers, geysers, commodes, tiles, bathroom lighting and so on. They help to keep your bathroom systematic and easy to maintain.
Guests using your bathroom will have no difficulty in locating soaps, shampoos, towels, etc., if the bathroom accessories are in place. There is no dearth of accessories for contemporary bathrooms. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. All you have to do is to get them.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and color your bathroom with a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye and the soul, and fill it with aesthetic and efficient accessories, to make your bathroom, a place of relaxation and refuge.