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Bathroom Color Schemes

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jan 8, 2019
Bathroom color schemes requires one to understand the basic color themes to have a splash of soothing and attractive colors in your designer bathroom. Let your creativity flow and learn more on interesting color schemes from here.
Today, just like designer homes there are designer bathrooms, that have become neighbor's envy owner's pride. Some people tend to spend a really long time in the bathroom while taking a bath or even if just brushing their teeth.
So isn't it obvious that one would want to make their bathrooms really comfortable and soothing while one carries out their personal grooming? There are certain color schemes for bathroom that add a personal touch to your bathroom decor and add a hint of freshness.

Modern Bathroom Colors

One of the refuge from our fast and stressed out lives is spending some quality time alone in our bathrooms. The color schemes help to revitalize, energize and add a bit of creative touch to these areas of our home where we actually get to spend some uninterrupted quality time.

Color Schemes for Bathrooms

You can choose from some warm colors for your bathroom that help you get energized and ready to take on challenges. Modern color schemes also include some cool color shades that impart a calm and fresh feeling.
If you wish to add some bright and vibrant look to your bathroom, you can choose colors that are complementary to each other on the color wheel. Colors that are analogous or next to each other on the color wheel add a relaxing feel to your bathroom.
To give your bathroom a casual look, you can go in for beige, mint green or forest green hues. Colors like Black, white, royal blue give a formal look to your bathroom.

Blue Bathroom

Blue color can highlight this idea even more. Choose blue or turquoise blue ceramic tiles to cover the bathtub with light blue walls. Give a soft blue touch to the background and cover counter tops with granite and light-colored windows to give it a light playhouse look.

Blue and White Bathroom

No color combination looks as graceful as the blue and white color scheme idea. You can use a dark blue color tile to cover up the walls and white backsplash tiles, ceilings, bathroom sinks, etc. which will all add up to this interesting color scheme.

Black and White Bathroom

Inspire yourself with black and white bathroom color schemes for a sophisticated look. Cover up the walls with white tiles and add a ribbon of black tiles at the top. Black counter top with white basin and white accessories add to the bathroom colors.

Purple and White Bathroom

Nothing looks more royal and regal than purple and white combination. Cover your walls with different hues of purple with other accessories and highlights in white. You could even place white hanging lamps from the ceiling to add to your purple and white touch.

Yellow Bathroom

Yellow adds a warm glow to the bathroom. This is a perfect set up to brighten up your day. Paint the walls yellow with a bit of umber color added to highlight the shade. Try a yellow print wallpaper with yellow marble counter top and travertine flooring in cream.
This is a very romantic option for those who live in the merry world. If you have an easy-go-lucky attitude, then you can try yellow paint with glass mosaic tiles. This will give a look of the sandy beaches with a watery glitter that will make you give out a sigh of relief.

Brown and Beige Bathroom

Try the brown and beige color scheme for bathroom. This scheme spells sophistication and class. You can cover the walls with beige colored tiles or paint.
Similarly, the floor should be covered with light biscuit-colored tiles and the counters and drawers should have a dark brown hue. The counter-tops should be covered with black granite tiles with a stainless steel basin.

Some More Color Schemes You Could Use

Red Bathroom

Green Bathroom

Cream Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Accessories

Bright colors along with accessories help add life to an otherwise boring bathroom. But, what about the accessories, paint and other additions that help make a bathroom's overall look? Images given here will help your learn a few tips about the little extra that will make your bathroom the best in town.
The walls and ceiling in the master bath are painted in the shade of cream with a dash of purple on the wall with mirror and cabinets. A streak of vibrancy is added by using orangish-brown cabinet and frame highlights.
Create the illusion of more space and light in the room by adding a large mirror right above the sink.
Inspired by nature, create a simple yet beautiful look by using wood inspired cabinets. To add the uniqueness, cover the walls with a wallpaper or paint with a purple or violet hue.
Add a different flair by using bright aqua tiles and matching accessories. Place a glass door for the shower that helps separate the bathing area from the main bathroom.
For optimum use of space, place 2 similar mirrors and sinks so people can utilise the mirror and sink without fighting for space.
Simple, yet smart tones of gray add warmth as well as give a modern look to the bathroom. This looks gives a masculine feel, perfect for single men, who love being contemporary.
Color schemes help make small spaces look cozy and intimate. You can add some visual illusion and create the magic of charm and sophistication with the help of bathroom color schemes.
You can either use pale, soft colors like pastels, neutrals and white color tones as backgrounds. Do not use very bright and strong colors. Small bathroom ideas include using cool colors like sky blue, mint green, etc. which will add the feeling of serenity to your bathroom.
It is very important to match your personality with the color scheme and accessories you choose. Add a creative touch and artistic blend to your bathroom and give it an identity.