Bathroom Color Ideas

Bathroom Color Ideas
This article provides an insight into some bathroom color ideas, so that you can create a unique and signature bathroom of your own.
When it comes to bathroom decorating or remodeling, colors play a major role. As a matter of fact, more than half the population always wishes for a 'bit' larger bathroom than they have, unless of course they are living in a custom-built luxurious home with a cozy and dramatically spacious bathroom. Hence, it is very important to manage the existing bathroom, and turn it into the perfect place to start the day.
Bathroom colors play an important role in enhancing the visual value. You may use certain colors to make the bathroom look spacious. Any person looking for bathroom remodeling or accentuation, must always have a clear idea about the bathroom color. To get the perfect colors, all that you need is loads of creativity with a sense and judgment of the bathroom color schemes and accessories. You should also know the important coloring norms. Colors have their own nature and moods which transpire to the surroundings. This makes our job more difficult as an amateur.
Coloring the Bathroom
Firstly, one needs to come up with a perfect and desired bathroom theme. A bathroom theme can be decided as per the mood of the room that the user desires. Brush through your resources and make sure exactly how you want your bathroom to be. Think whether you want the bathroom to be lively, relaxing, rich, or neutral; and start planning the colors accordingly. Make sure to use washable colors so that your bathroom coloring expedition is not a lost cause, after a single bath.
Make sure all your bathroom fixtures are well in shape, as you desire them to be and as per the theme you've previously decided. Avoid too much variation and always maintain uniformity. A bathroom color theme is not limited to bathroom walls only; but it is also very important to keep color coordination with the plumbing fixtures, faucets, flooring, other accessories, cabinets, countertops, napkins, towels, and other decorative accents, like indoor plants.
Coming back to colors, always remember that warm colors energize the mood, while cool colors have a more relaxing effect. Complementary colors are also a good choice for a more creative, artistic and appealing look. Contrasting colors give more of a dramatic look to the bathroom while contemporary colors give both a soothing as well as an energizing look to the bathroom; and make the person fresh inside out, every time he/she visits it.
Small Bathroom: As I said earlier, small bathrooms need more attention while choosing colors. Add an extra bit of lighting so that the bathroom looks spacious. Solatubes, wall sconces, countertop lamps, skylights, etc., are some of the ideal light fixtures for small bathrooms. Don't use large bathroom vanities, go for smaller and delicate pedestal sinks for that extra space. Never use too many drapes, towels and other accessories, they will only crowd the small place even more.
Choose colors very carefully (needless to say - avoid any dark colors, strictly). Always go for cool colors, rather than warm ones as they add more serenity and spaciousness to small bathrooms. Cool shades of pink are ideal for smaller bathrooms. You can also go for beige walls and a darker flooring, with darker (go for red, trust me!) toilet seat and sink. Use burgundy with gold, green with gold, navy with gold, white with royal blue or all white!
Master Bathroom: As master bathrooms are more spacious than the other ones, there is a lot of scope for more creativity and experimentation. There are too many things that a person can try with the master bathroom, depending on its size. Along with space, check how much you can afford to spend and invest on the master bathroom. Try potting some beautiful low light indoor plants, which will contrast with the master bathroom theme. Do not forget the first rule of unity and color coordination.
Give some lavish window treatments and put a small couch in it (provided you have plenty of space). Go for neutral and/or cool colors, and make sure that they are soothing for the eyes. Cream, white, taupe, light lavender, light blue, ocean blue, deep blue, royal blue, etc., would look stunning for the master bathroom. If you want a neutral bathroom, then paint the ceiling with darker shades of colors you have already used for the walls. There must always be continuity of colors. Bathroom colors must look familiar with the colors of the bedroom.
Kids' Bathroom: Keep in mind that a kids' bathroom must be user-friendly, independent and reflective of the child's thinking as well as mood. Use some bold colors, like fluorescent green, orange, pink, blue, etc.; while white, beige, cream, and green could be the all time favorites. Make sure to match the color with various exciting bathroom themes. Some of the kid's favorite themes include sports theme, aquatic and beach theme, creatures like monkeys, sharks, butterflies and frogs, rubber ducks, fairy tales, etc.
So, we are settled then, as far as the paint colors for bathrooms are concerned. The whole idea is to keep the things as simple as possible; and avoid too much design, too many patterns and eye confusing colors. Limit the number of colors to a maximum of two. Use one as the main color, while the other being the accent color. Many people argue about the need of the bathroom rugs, but in my opinion, they are quite an ordeal if one doesn't take proper care of them. Make sure to use appropriate bathroom lighting. Use adequate lights for the darker bathroom and dim lights for light themed bathrooms.
I hope the article proves helpful for all those looking for the perfect bathroom color theme. Those of you who are not DIY enthusiasts, could always try other easy options like hiring professionals and let them do their job to perfection. All the best!
3D rendering of a bathroom interior design for children.
Blue Bathroom
Modern Bathroom in yellow and blue vivid colors
Modern bathroom in blue and gray tones with mosaic