Bathroom Color Combinations

Besides appealing, eye-soothing color combinations serve the purpose of having a calming effect on the mind. Here's more about the best bathroom color schemes available today.
Madhura Pandit Jan 2, 2019
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Bathroom is the most neglected part of the house, and the idea of furnishing or decorating it is rarely taken into serious consideration. However, remember that the bathroom is the place we visit first in the morning every day and it should please our eyes and rejuvenate our mood.
Specifically, the color of the bathroom plays an vital role and hence, we need to put in a lot of thought while choosing the right color scheme.

Color Schemes for Bathrooms

Colors like green and blue are naturally soothing and have a calming effect on the person; whereas colors like red, orange and yellow are vibrant and have an enticing effect. Although the traditional white is still one of the best colors for bathrooms, there are several other colors with which you can experiment with, to make a unique and appealing look.

Black & White

Black and white is the most sophisticated and classy color combination today. You can have the walls and tiles in black and install all the accessories and vanities in white; or vice versa. You can find tiles in black and white and install them in a chess board like fashion.

Green/Blue & White

Pastel color when combined with white, creates a calming effect and is soothing to the mind. Hence, a combination of pastel green or blue with white, or coral with white are some of the widely used bathroom color combinations.
Nowadays you find accessories in all colors and hence, painting your bathroom in these colors is not a difficult task.

Yellow & Green

Bright colors like green and yellow will help a small bathroom appear larger and brighter. This unusual and vibrant combination can be used in kids' as well as adults' bathroom. Go for lime colors and add in some indoor plants (real or faux) to complete the cheerful look.

Pink & White

Pink is an all girly color and hence, the combination of pink and white is perfect for a girls' bathroom. Right from the wall, floor to shower curtains and towels, you can fill your bathroom with shades of pink. For a natural classy look, go for pink marble for floors or walls.

Beige & Brown

If you are looking for color schemes and accessories that suit a modern and traditional bathroom, go for beige and brown color combination. With wooden accessories, you naturally have the brown, so use beige for the floor and wall.
Apart from the mentioned, here are some more unique color schemes for a modern bathroom:
  • Gray & Blue
  • Gold & White/Brown
  • Pale Yellow & Black
  • Green & Blue
One of the simplest rules to remember before having your bathroom painted is to use colors that create the desired effect. For e.g., lighter and brighter shades make the bathroom appear larger; whereas darker colors make it appear smaller.
Secondly, remember when using a combination of a darker and a lighter shade, use the lighter shade extensively (i.e. for walls and floors) and keep the darker shade to the minimum.
Once you have decided the combination, you can check out photos online to get a better view of the actual look. Or you can also be creative and add your personal touch to the bathroom with artistic works of your own. Ciao!
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