Basement Stairs

Basement Stairs
Decorating basement stairs in the right way is quite essential while refinishing it in order to convert it into a usable area. Get tips and ideas on how to refinish these stairs and creating the best entryway from this DecorDezine post.
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If your home is equipped with a basement than having a well-designed and safe staircase is quite essential. A staircase that leads to the basement is a prominent element that one can't miss out while finishing the basements. Once the task of basement refinishing is done, you can start with refinishing the staircase. You can also simultaneously work on the staircase while working on the basement as well.
So wondering how to revamp a dull and unfinished staircase? Here are some steps that will help you give them a makeover and turn them into a perfect entryway for your renovated basements.
Ideas to Consider
Regardless of the project you're about to undertake, it is essential to keep the amount of space you have and the style that will work with the entire home's décor.
Refinish Them

There are various ways of refinishing the stairs depending upon the material of stairs.
  1. For concrete stairs, you can consider tiling the surface to get a well-finished and elegant look. You can consider installing one of the best flooring options for stairs depending upon your budget.
  2. On the other hand, if the cost is high but you still wish to transform the appearance of the stairs, consider painting it. Yes, concrete painting is not a tough task and the same also offers a great looking staircase that can be further beautified with various design and decoration ideas.
  3. If you want to refinish wooden stairs, then you can consider alternatives like staining them, painting them or installing prefinished stair treads over them. Prefinished treads remain a popular choice that will refurbish the staircase in a short time.
Work on the Decor

Once the staircase is ready, it is time to work on the walls surrounding it.
  1. Often times, the staircase leading to basements are surrounded by walls from both the sides. In this case, make sure that you paint them with color(s) that complement the rest of the décor.
  2. As the basements often lack natural illumination, pick light colors for the walls. You can simply paint them white and add some wall hangings. Yes, spicing up the walls surrounding the stairs with frames and wall hangings is an easy way to create a cool looking entryway for this area.
  3. If you are ready to spend more, consider decorating the walls with classic wallpapers and create an effect of natural stones or bricks.
  4. If the staircase has railing, get it painted with a fresh coat of bright color matching with the wall paint color.
  5. If you are adding wall panels for basement consider continuing them up, to grace the wall besides the stairs.
Spice Up the Staircase

Now it is time to add finishing touches to the stairs. All you can do is checkout the stair treads and choose those which suit the basement decor. If you want to fit them in a small budget go for the rubber treads. The carpet runners are the ultimate way to play up the look of these stairs and have a grand entry way to the basement area. Go for soft colors like beige, gray or darker shades like red or navy blue according to the basement interior design.
So, when you plan to utilize the basement by converting it into a usable room, make sure that you don't forget to revamp the staircase. With the tips and ideas mentioned above, get set to have an awesome entrance to this space.
Placing potted plants and other accent pieces on the stairs is another great idea. Well, place these only if the staircase is wide enough to accommodate such accent pieces without leading to a cluttered effect. The dimensions will also decide the total refinishing cost. Trying to maintain uniformity in terms of colors is sure to help you have a perfect package of decorated space.
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