Basement Playroom Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 2, 2019
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There are many ways in which you can utilize a basement. Let's discuss some ideas for converting a basement into a playroom.
Having a playroom in your house is a wonderful idea, especially if you have kids. Kids need a room for themselves to have fun and play games with their friends. Many parents try to convince their kids to use their bedroom as a playroom. But that seldom works out as bedrooms are often small and cannot accommodate toys, craft materials, and other playthings.
Another problem is that furniture like the bed, wardrobe, and study table, hardly leaves space for the child and his friends to play. To avoid all these problems, it is best to demarcate a room that is specifically used for playing. If you have a playroom, you do not have to worry about your kids just slumping in front of the television or computer.
But how do you find space for a playroom? A good idea would be to convert the basement of your home into a playroom. Even if you have a half finished basement it can be converted into a beautiful playroom for your kids.
To convert a basement into a kid-friendly room for them to play in, you need to furnish and decorate it carefully.

Wall Colors

The first thing that you need to do is choose the wall colors. Basements are usually big and spacious, but do not receive plenty of sunlight, you should choose bright and vivid colors. Choose wall colors like sunny yellow, tangerine, peach, and lime green.
These warm colors gives the basement a cozy look, which is exactly what you are aiming for. Instead of painting all the walls of the basement in a single hue, it is best to combine a bright color with a neutral color. Leave sophisticated colors like plum, aubergine, and gray for your living room or study.


Since younger kids like to play on the ground with their toys, it is best to have the flooring carpeted. If you have hardwood floors or even cement floors, carpeting the basement is important as such floors are not kid-friendly.
Do not try to cut cost by placing some small rugs instead of carpets. Kids might slip on rugs and can seriously injure themselves. A neutral-colored soft carpet, like an easy to maintain Berber carpet, works very well for a basement playroom.


To avoid making the basement playroom look like a dungeon, you will need to install an effective lighting system. Installing track lighting, recessed lighting, and big pendant lighting works well in a kids playroom.
Since basements usually have a low ceiling, recessed lighting is a very good choice. Avoid floor lamps and table lamps as these can be easily toppled by smaller kids.


It makes sense to break down the area of a basement into smaller play areas like a craft area and an area for playing video games. This way when your kids have a lot of friends coming over to play, every one can be involved in playing different games.


A good idea is to opt for small kid-friendly furniture that are durable and scratch resistant―bean bags, small work tables and desks are additional furniture that can be placed in a playroom.
Furnishings should ideally be cotton or linen that are easily washable and in bright and vivid colors. Basement playroom designs should also incorporate smart storage solutions for storing toys, games, and other knickknacks.
With some good designs and smart choice in room colors and furniture, a basement can become a functional playroom for your kids.