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Basement Paint

Basement Paint

Choosing basement paint colors from the huge palette can be quite confusing. Here are some tips and basement paint ideas to help you pick the best colors for painting your basement area.
DecorDezine Staff
Basements are one of the best extensions that many homes have. If you have an unused basement than you can consider converting it into a usable space. You can work on basement finishing project and have the space ready to use. Many people consider doing this and transforming their basement area in a bedroom, guest room or even a wonderful entertainment space. Basement bars are so popular. Moreover, a game room or even a calm relaxing space or a wonderful workspace can be planned in this area. With cleaning, basic remodeling and painting you can have the area ready for use. Browse through various basement paint ideas and finalize the colors and combinations for making it a great looking space.

Wall Paint Colors

While you plan basement remodeling, working on the walls and floors is the basic task. Once the walls are repaired and sealed, you can consider painting them. Make sure that all the cracks are filled and a plain surface is ready for painting. Remember not to skip the step of priming basement walls before painting them in any case. Apply at least 2 coats of primer and let it completely dry before application of paint. While choosing basement wall paint, avoid dark colors. Stick to light and neutral colors. If you plan to use dark colors or flashy bright shades, you need to have really good illumination in the area.

Colors like white, creme, beige, light gray, peach are best to be used. You can also consider using lightest shade of yellow, pink and lavender. To play up the effect consider dual colored walls, contrast color scheme or monochromatic effect. Combos like white and red, white and crimson, white and dark gray, yellow and orange, beige and chocolate brown can make great looking basement walls. If you are planning to transform the space into a lively area, like a entertainment center or basement bar consider having metallic colors as well. Textured walls with one of the faux painting techniques are best choice for such area. You can use metallic silver gray, bronze, copper, and gold in combination with solid colors to give an extravagant look to the basement walls. Choose one of the various types of paints like water based, oil based paints or the specially-formulated waterproof paint which are all available in array of colors. You can also consider using a paint sealer after painting task is done.

Floor Paint Colors

While working on basement finishing project, you also need to deal with concrete floors. While you can consider installing one of the best basement flooring options here, the same can increase the overall expenses. So, how about painting concrete basement floor? Yes, painting basements is a great option which many home owners consider to opt for, due to the low cost of this entire process. Basement concrete floor paint is available in various colors and types. You can choose simple colors that will give a simple finish or purchase the latest options that offer textured floor finish. Paints that give marble finish, granite effect and mosaic look are a hit amongst the home owners. Gray, ivory, white, beige are the best colors for the flooring. You can paint the floor in neutral shade and add a decorative carpet to brighten up the space.

Choose the best paint and get set to spruce up the space. With classic combos and latest options in colors you can rightly spice up the basements. Make sure that you add matching decor to have the best looking basement area. All the best!