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Basement Ideas that Work

Basement Ideas that Work
Want some basement ideas that work? Here are a few that you must implement to revamp your basement. Read on and start planning...
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
Having a basement area in your house can be a great advantage. It can easily add up to your existing house area and can be used in many different ways. After implementing the basic basement construction ideas for this area, you can further think of converting it into a special area. Here are some ideas that work.
Finishing It
Modern living room with sofa
Basement finishing is the first thing you need to do, before you implement the various ideas. Start with finishing the walls and ceiling. Making the wiring and plumbing right is the first step towards remodeling.
Adding a suspended ceiling or designer POP from borders, so as to hide the pipes and wires is a good option. In case you are thinking about waterproofing or soundproofing, get it done as well.
Walls and Flooring
Walls and flooring
Installing drywall if required and painting the wall, is obvious. Painting the walls in bright shades is essential to keep them from looking dull. Dark shades can darken the area, so stick to bright colors like, off white, beige, white in combination with one bright shade.
Opting for faux painting techniques will help make it more beautiful. With various texture techniques, you can spruce up the focal walls and pillars. Pillars and columns play an important role in giving a classic look to your basement area. These are quite prominent and hence, beautifying them in a grand way will play up the entire area.
For flooring, stick to neutral colors and large tiles which will give a spacious look to the area. Ceramics or wood flooring can be a good flooring option that you can opt for.
Lighting Fixtures
Urban Bungalow interior
While you work on the plan and ideas, proper illumination plays a highly important role. Dull lighting can make the area look dull, dark, and cozy. To make it spacious and bright, add creative designs and wall scones.
Pendant lights can be installed over counter tops, tables, or to highlight a specific area. The corners which might look darker, need to be kept illuminated.
Other Beautification
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You can implement a number of ideas so as to enhance its appearance. One of the smart ideas is to add classy furniture pieces, but make sure that you do not get in any unnecessary pieces.
Add elegant quality rugs and furnishings like blinds, sofa covers, throw pillows, which will make your basement look wonderful. If you have converted it into a special area, like a guest room, basement bar, game room, workout area, add the furniture accordingly.
Entry Way
Stairs light
Well, you might concentrate completely on finishing the basement and implementing various ideas for this area, and forget about the entry way. The staircase that leads to your basement can't be forgotten.
Let your entryway give at least a hint of what you have in the basement. Like adding wall hangings and exclusive wall decor in this way. Adding carpet runners of a high quality and designing the staircase railing in the best possible way are a few things that you should consider. A grand entryway is perfect for highlighting the area which you just reworked.
These are some ideas that will definitely help you have an exclusive area added to the existing one. With the various designs, pick one that you find interesting and get started with the remodeling work. Make sure that you hire an experienced professional for the remodeling work. So, when are you turning your basement into a lively space?