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Basement Ideas

Basement Ideas
Need some ideas to transform your basement into something useful? Continue reading.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018
A basement is no longer just an empty space that every house invariably has. If planned properly, a basement can be transformed into something quite creative and useful.
It need not be just a spare space where you store all the tools and extra 'stuff' that your house cannot hold. With the given ideas, you are sure to find some way of making your basement appear much more welcoming and inviting.
Basement Bar
Large Finished Carpeted Basement With Bar
Converting your basement into a bar is one of the best ideas. Especially, if you want a bar in your home, but cannot do so because of space constraints. Revamp your basement based on a particular theme. 
Closeup Of Bar Stand In A Cafe
It could be an exotic garden theme, a contemporary modern, or an old school, vintage one with antiques and aged drinks in the bar. Just make sure it is well-stocked with the choicest of brews, always. 
How else will you show it off to your friends? Keep bar stools and couches according to the theme that you have settled on. Decorate with some lava lamps that will have lights dancing around as you and your friends enjoy a good drink.
Game Room
Pool Table In Home Interior
If you want the basement to be kids-centric then you can turn the basement into a gaming room as a surprise for your kids. Get a pool table, a huge gaming console with the latest games for them.
Also, if you can manage it, get some antique arcade games. They will definitely be a huge attraction and your kids will love it.
Guest Room
Bright Guest bedroom with rocking chair
Another thing that you can do with your basement, if you do not have kids living with you, is turn it into a spare room. Furnish it like an extra room that can be used by guests when they arrive.
And when there are no guests, the room can double up as a den or a reading room. Make sure it has everything: a bathroom, a mini fridge, a TV, and also some good books to read. This way you and your guests won't have to keep running upstairs for small things.
Basement room with home office area and laundry appliances
Another idea that you can try is converting your basement into an office. Get appropriate furniture, soundproof the basement, and have it turned into a home office that you can work in without much disturbance.
Have a bathroom and a bed in it too. This way you save time and if you work late, you can sleep off on the bed in the basement itself.
Entertainment Room
Luxurious cinema room with projection
Making an entertainment room out of your basement is another fabulous idea. You can have a huge entertainment unit comprising a super-sized TV with an impressive sound system installed. 
You can also have a jukebox and a karaoke machine in it. This will definitely raise the entertainment quotient of the room. Keep the room stacked with a good DVD collection. Have your friends over for movie night and surprise them!
*Psst: Don't forget to soundproof this room.
Large basement gym room with mirror
If you don't have time to visit a gym everyday, but are health conscious, then why not have a gym at your home instead? Purchase the equipment that you want and have a good workout session everyday in your basement.
You can also have a jacuzzi installed instead of a regular tub and relax in it after your strenuous workout.
Those were some ideas that you can try to make good use of the space that you have in your basement. Make sure you comply with all the renovating rules and regulations of your locality when you take up a remodeling project.