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Basement Flooring Options Over Concrete

Basement Flooring Options Over Concrete You Had Wanted to Know About

Basements can be remodeled and converted into one of the best areas of your home. When you plan to remodel a basement, you need to consider flooring options. To find out what all are the good options for covering concrete basement floors, just move on to the following sections which mention some ideas on the same.
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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Unfinished concrete floors in the basement are known to offer you some good floor finishing options. When you chalk out a plan of remodeling your basement, finishing the floors is definitely on the list. So, you are here to find out some interesting basement flooring options over a concrete base, right? Well, then let us move on to look at the various alternatives that you can opt for and make your basements look simply perfect.
While choosing one of the various options mentioned below you will have to consider your budget. Moreover, you need to first decide what exactly you will be using this room for and then add the best suitable flooring. This DecorDezine article also mentions some very simple alternatives which you can opt for in case installing full-fledged flooring is not possible.
Flooring Options for Concrete Basement Floors
For a Wooden Touch
There are a few options which can bring a cozy wooden touch to the floors. The best alternative in this segment is hardwood flooring. If you are planning to convert the basements into a really plush looking room, hardwood is definitely the best option to be considered. Apart from this, you can consider engineered flooring which is known to be amongst the most cost-effective flooring options over concrete bases.
If you're not willing to shell out a lot of money, laminates offer you a good way to nicely cover dull concretes. With laminates you get an array of design and color options. Just browse through the best laminate brands which also offer high-end laminates that can make simply awesome floors.
Today you can find laminates that are far better than the traditional ones which lacked features of good flooring. These are a good pick if you have an average budget. Carpets are also a good option if you wish to give a warm woody touch to the floors. Carpet sheets also come in a variety of designs and finishes.
For the Decorative Effect
Many of you might love to give the floors in the basement a unique look which is also different from other interior floors of your house. Well, you get a lot of options in this case as well. Ceramic tiling is one of the commonly opted flooring options. Though you need to add a sub-floor in this case, many go for it due to the array of options available in these floor tiles.
Vinyl flooring is another option which also comes in a range of designs and you can buy either low cost, or high cost pieces in this. Cork floors that offer a unique range of designs can be considered in creative layout patterns to form an eye-catching surface.
Linoleum floor tiles are available in various colors, textures and shapes. When you want to create decorative flooring, these can be used to add a visually appealing center patch or border along with other floor tiles. Painting concrete is also a good option as this one is a low cost project and offers you the freedom of having floors that match your taste. With the latest paint colors and stains you can also get the simple concrete base converted into a floor that closely resembles marbles or granite.
To have a waterproof flooring you can first get the floors finished with waterproof sealant before installing floor tiles. When you are really low on budget or want to give a quick makeover to the floors in the basement, consider getting some floor rugs to cover the surface. Good quality fabric carpets, carpet runners and area rugs offer an ultimate and trendy way to jazz up your basements. Get the stairs decked up with a nice carpet runner which makes an attractive entryway for the finished basement floors.
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