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Here are 3 Steps Towards an Effective Basement Drainage System

Various interior and exterior drainage solutions together contribute to an effective basement drainage system. One needs to choose carefully from various drainage solutions, so that it keeps the basement free from any kind of drainage problems. Read on to know more.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Apr 4, 2019
If a basement is not protected with a good drainage system, various water related problems can occur. One of the common problem is of mold; a mildew growth in the basement which can be due to moisture seeping problem. One of the worst problem is flooding of basement which can be due to absence or due to ineffective drainage. Problems like this can decrease the value of your property and over time can also cause some foundation problems. Hence, it is very important to have an effective drainage system in place.
A combination of drainage solutions for yards, and interior and exterior basement waterproofing products can help to achieve a well-drained system. Let us look at the various solutions that will help you establish a good drainage system for the basement.
Building an Effective Basement Drainage System
#1 - Install a Main Drainage System
First of all, you need to choose a good main drainage system for the yard. This is very important because a good yard drainage, will pull the water away from the foundation of the house and reduce any water clogging problems. Before you install such a system, do a survey around the house and the basement to find problem areas where water is getting clogged.
Then according to the problem, install the most suitable yard drainage system. These include sump pumps and French drain. Sump pumps work great even in extreme situation. Take this example, suppose there is a low water table that pushes water from below the ground. In this case the water will get accumulated in the pit of the sump.
Then the water will be drained away from the foundation of the house using pipes to a dry well or a storm drain. Another effective yard drainage system is the French drain, which is quite easy to install and can be done without having to call a professional.
For this, all you need to do is dig a trench at the base of the sloped region, that is causing the water logging. It will be captured by French drain and redistributed.
#2 - Exterior Drainage Solutions
For additional exterior drainage of the basement, use some exterior basement waterproofing. They are available at normal hardware stores. Silicon caulk works great and can be used to waterproof windows and door from the outside. So, apply it to the joints or open edges and let it dry for 24 hours. Then paint on it to match the color of the background.
You can also use metal window wells, which collect and retain water and thus keep the exterior of basement dry. Dimple mat are other effective solutions . They can be used for a new construction or it can be retrofitted onto an existing home. It is a rigid plastic sheet which is screwed down to the exterior of the basement wall.
#3 - Interior Drainage Solutions
It is a good idea to have some interior drainage solution in place. They prevent growth of mold and mildew which can cause many health problems related to respiratory system. There are many interior basement waterproofing products. You can use a dehumidifier for absorbing excess moisture from the living space.
You can insulate the water pipes, so that condensation from cold water pipes is prevented. A great way is to waterproof basement from the inside is to use water resistant paint. Use a good quality paint to ensure waterproofing. You can also use other interior basement waterproofing products like an exhaust fan, and appliance vent or gutter and downspouts.
These were the various basement drainage solutions that will help you establish an effective drainage system for basement. So, figure out the problem areas and install a main drainage system for the yard, and use other basement waterproofing product to ensure additional waterproofing.