Basement Decorating Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 14, 2018
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Want to add an extra space to your home with minimum efforts and expenses? Tap through these some of the most wonderful basement decorating ideas!
Basements are one of the areas of our house, which are usually ignored. These are often used to place unused items and eventually get transformed into store rooms.
Adding extra space or creating some space in your house can be a tough task when each room is filled with unnecessary objects. If your house has a finished basement, then you are extremely lucky. While thinking of home improvement, just consider this space. Adding extra space to your home is definitely an easy task if you have a basement.

Ways to decorate your basement

There are various ways of decorating your basement as per your requirements or the space available to you.

Emptying the Area

This is the first thing you need to do as this will give an idea of how much space you have for implementing your ideas. People usually opt to design this area for a special purpose instead of a general room. Once you have emptied this area, it's time to work on the decorations.

Decorating the Pillars and Ceiling

Pillars are a prominent part of basements though the number of pillars may vary. Decorating them is essential and to do that, you can use plants, frames, and mirrors. You can also hang decorative wrought iron shelves onto them.
Usually there are a lot of pipes and wiring hanging from the ceiling. Add a suspended ceiling to give a wonderful look and smartly hide these pipes and wires. Beautify the pillars and ceiling in matching POP designs. This will give an elegant touch to the entire space.
For decorating the ceiling, you can consider the various options available and choose one. An elegant chandelier hanging down from the ceiling is an attractive idea.

Other Decorations

Spruce up the walls in some lively colors to give them a bright look. Choose one of the classic combos to color the walls, such as white and violet, white and red, yellow and green, blue and gray, and the best, black and white.
You can have all the walls painted in white color and keep the furniture in dark shades to give your basement a spacious feel. Installing glass windows is an effective way to have ventilation along with natural illumination. Having a durable carpet installed over the flooring is an easy way to beautify this area. You could also soundproof the walls.

Converting it into a Special Room

Converting the basement into a special room is what most people opt for. Soundproofing walls will be an added benefit. Making it a game room or a home theater is also a great idea. You can design it as per your requirements.
Converting it into a workout room by placing your exercise equipment here is a good idea. This place can be the best room to enjoy your exercise session. Making it a regular bedroom or a guest bedroom is also a commonly opted idea.
Before you implement your vision ideas, it's essential to decide what exactly you want to use this area for. While the basic decorations remain same, furniture will be made depending upon the final plan. Illumination is the key to giving it a bright look and highlighting the decorations. So, get started to transform the unused basement into a classic space.