Ideas for Basement Colors

Pragya T Dec 14, 2018
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Confused about selecting the right basement colors? Keep reading, to learn about the different interior color schemes for basements.
Mostly, you will find basements walls painted with beige colors, and complimented with little accents of white color. Many people also add a touch of lemon yellow or bright green to create a visual appeal. 
You can go with these traditional ideas and paint a basement sober, or also opt for some bold color combinations, using shades of red and other colors to paint your basement.
When it comes to choosing colors for a new basement or for a basement remodeling project, it is important that you not just keep in mind the wall and ceiling paint colors, but also the color of flooring, furniture and other decorative items, to create a nicely blended basement color scheme.

Basement Color Ideas

Here are different colors for basement you can use to paint your basement. Before you start the painting job, use a primer or sealer on the walls to get rid of any uneven surfaces on your wall, to increase the life of your paint. After you are done painting your basement, you can use a finish to protect your walls.

Yellow Color Schemes

This is a popular color when it comes to interior painting basements. There are many shades of yellow. A bright shade of yellow creates a sunshine, cheerful and bright feeling.
This color goes practically with any other color, and you can make various basement color combinations using this color. The most popular shades of yellow used in basement is beige, which can be light or dark.
Other popular shades are lemon yellow, yellow-greenish shades, and brown. Brown is a bold color, but might also give a dull feeling. You can also go with shades of chocolate. To paint your ceiling and wall trims, use white or off-white. Compliment with black furniture, and use light fixtures.

Black Color Schemes

Black is a very bold color and can produce a sophisticated and stylish look, but you need to balance this color with other colorful accents or it can create a very compact and dark effect in a room.
If you are painting your walls black, accompany it with basement flooring and furniture of dark yellow or reddish shade. To add colors use colorful modern abstract paintings, vases, lamps, etc. If you don't want to use black, then use gray shade to paint your walls and white ceiling and wall trim colors; and accompany it with light-colored wooden furniture.

Color Schemes With Bold Colors

For this, use colors like red and orange. Paint your basements with a medium shade of red with off-white ceiling and wall trims. Go for wooden flooring of dark shade with wrought iron black furniture to create a sophisticated look.
Using orange, you can create a cheerful looking bright space, select a bright shade of orange, and paint the walls with it. Paint the ceiling and wall trims white.
To add some interesting visual appeal to the walls, try out some interior paint color and ideas. Like on top side of one wall, use a stencil and paint a design of leaves with white paint. Accompany this color scheme with teak or similar colored furniture.
If you have a big basement, then you can opt for dark or bright color, and dark furniture. But, if you have a small basement then go with a bright color scheme, so the space looks opened up.