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Basement Bar Ideas

Omkar Phatak Dec 15, 2018
If you are browsing for some cool ideas to set up a basement bar, here are some interesting ones.
Most believe in setting the bar higher, but if you believe in setting it lower; rather, in the basement, then this idea is perfect for you. Designing a basement bar is an excellent idea that makes effective use of space and creates a cozy den, where you can hangout on weekends.
Designs ideas, in this case, involve many aspects that are directed towards creating an atmosphere of comfort. If you have adequate space in the basement, you can create your very own bar and party zone.

Design Ideas for Small Basement Bars

Designing your own bar is an interesting project, which is completely worth investing your time and money in. So, lets dive in!

Deciding the Theme and Styling

One of the most important things is to decide on the theme of the bar, before you begin. Browse through lifestyle magazines or observe bars set up around town, for design and styling. You could opt for a contemporary style, a European wooden bar, or a classic style, that is reminiscent of the 50s or 60s.
Simplicity and elegance are two good design principles to follow. A European theme will be characterized by wooden furniture, which would also be economical. According to the theme, you can select the colors and seating arrangement.

Designing the Top

Once you finalize the theme, the first thing to think about is the top design. You could either go for a wooden, metal, or stone bar top. A dark-colored wooden top with good finishing looks classy, a stone top gives the bar a solid look, while metal top gives it a contemporary look.
The tops are generally L-shaped, with adequate length and width to serve a group of 4 to 5 people. There has to be the arrangement of a sink behind, for washing and cleaning.

Seating Arrangements

The next important additions are round seated bar stools, with design that matches with the top. You can look for various color combinations, which go with the overall theme. European style bars have wooden seats too. You can also go with in-vogue designs.

Cutlery, Storage, and Refrigeration

Another thing you need to think about is enough storage space around the bar. You could design cupboards with glass covers or simple racks behind. Make sure that you make space for refrigeration and arrange for the necessary electrical connections.
Arrange for a music deck to enliven the mood around the bar. Another important thing glassware. You can have a lot of choice for glassware. Make sure that the glassware that is appropriate for every type of drink, is available. You can decorate the back side of the bar with paintings or murals, which suit your taste and the overall ambiance.

Stocking It Up

Last thing, of course, is stocking up the bar with food and most of all, a variety of drinks which you like.
Like a stage is incomplete without actors, a bar is incomplete without a bartender who can mix the various drinks and serve various combinations, while doling out wisdom to those in need of it. So make sure that you learn some tricks of the trade. Arrange things in such a way, that they are easily accessible and at hand on request.
The idea is to create a cozy space, where you can enjoy with friends and family. And always remember, the most important detail is to keep the bar well-stocked.