Basement Bar Designs

Medha Godbole Dec 15, 2018
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There are a number of bar designs you can pick from. For getting a lowdown on these ideas, read on.
It is all about how you perceive things. If you have a positive and creative outlook, well, even the basement can be the most rocking area of the house. For starters, you can have a bar in your basement. Have it a plain no nonsense bar or have a sophisticated wet bar, replete with a washing space. Whatever you have, you can make it as happening as it can be!

Classic 'Back' Up

This design, which is amongst the most popular, uses a mix of classic and back basement bar design. It facilitates considerable storage space, has a sleek design and lot of space and scope for accessories for blender, kitchenette on the bar. You can even install a flat screen tv in there to have the requisite zing in the design.

Tiki Ticks and Clicks

This is a modern design, adding that jazzy touch to your basement bar. Natural exotic materials, muted colors, real and artificial plants, decorated ceramic vessels and low-wattage lighting complete the exotic decor and ambiance of a tiki bar.
If you are hooked to rum based mixed drinks and fancy cocktails, this is the design you are looking for!

No Fret, Only Straight

This is the good old no frills type of simple design. It is similar to how a front desk or reception in hotel lobbies looks like. Little space for the sink on top, a gutter area for mixing the drinks, footrest on the stool side arm rail and some space for refrigerator or cooler.

Bar named 'L'

This is for smaller basements. The material and features are same as a straight bar. Design is different. The distance of the bar from other seats is closer than straight bar. So, easy to sit and chat while sipping your cocktail.

Move It, Shake It

If you want to have a movable bar, the best bet is the portable bar design. What makes it a great options against the huge and heavy basement bars is that it can be dismantled and moved anywhere you wish.


One of the very different and out of the box bar designs for a basement is to have lots of crude, lacquered wood for the bar. It will make for a warm and rustic feeling to the log cabin basement bar.

Get Sporty

Bar designs can be inspired from a sport. If you have an all men's bash frequently, then sports bar is a fabulous idea! Set up a TV to watch the live action, have memorabilia of your favorite team embelished and to complete the sporty feel, build a tap in to the bar.
There are many more designs, but that is up to you to pick up which suits you and your place the best!
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